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Shrove Tuesday

Today was Shrove Tuesday. Students were asked to bring in a gold coin donation for a pancake prepared by our wonderful parents from the Nativity CRIB.

You can see for yourselves below that the pancakes were a huge success and it was nice to know that the money was going towards raising money for Project Compassion.

Library Lover’s Day

On Tuesday it was Library Lover’s Day. Our class made some red love hearts, where we wrote on them things that we love about our library or our favourite book title or author.

Today in our library lesson we were lucky to have Mrs Molloy our Campus Librarian read the story of the paperbag princess, which is one of her favourite stories. Good on you Mrs Molloy for really getting into the spirit of bringing a story to life.



See you all tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Please don’t forget to bring your laptops fully charged tomorrow and for those with new laptops please bring along your chargers. It is going to be warm tomorrow, about 32 degrees. Please bring along your drink bottles and a healthy snack. When you arrive there will be a message for you to read on the big screen. See you tomorrow morning.

Your Classroom for 2017

Here is a sneak peek at your classroom. You may be able to spot where your tray is. As you can see Mrs Ivanov and I have been busy getting things ready for next week. We look forward to seeing you all next week and to learn about what you have been up to over the holidays.

Latitude excursion

dsc03721 dsc03723

What a great excursion we had at Latitude today. Thank you to Sam Larwood, Sue Leaf-Milham and David Talbot who assisted.

Cricket Clinic


Today all the year three’s participated in a cricket clinic.

Mission Impossible Performance Video – Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Grandparents and Friends Day 2016 Act 6 Mission Impossible from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

Star Wars Game by Bryce


Bryce has made his very own Star Wars games using the coding knowledge he gained from completing a course in coding on Feel free to play his game by clicking on the link below.



Year 3 ZooSnooze – Tigers

We went the the Zoo for ZooSnooze.  We saw a tigar calld Assiqua. She was very cute. The colours on her were orange and black.  She kept hiding.  We met a man called Matt.  He was nice as he fed her Kangaroo tail. Assiqua was born on the 18th May 1999. He fed her chicken as well.  She was adorable. There was a yellow line that we couldn’t cross for our own safety.  Assiqua liked us at the Zoo. We also saw more Tigers in their normal enclosures.




Harry’s Star Wars Game

Harry made a really good Star Wars game using his coding skills. You can play his game by clicking on the link below.


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