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Book Review: Animals scare me stiff

Title  Animals scare me stiff

Author Babette Cole

Illustrator Babette Cole

Main characters Tom

A brief description of the story  Tom is scared of the animals he thinks spiders will crawl up his nose

score 8/10

It is funny, because he tears off his pants. This is, because ants crawl up his pants.

By Jamie

Jamie’s Storybird

The scariest ugliest monsters from mars by jamie2011mrb on Storybird

Study Ladder Results Week 9 and 10

Congratulations to the following students on their Study Ladder certificates this week.


Platinum Trophy and Bronze Ribbon

Jack B

Bronze, Silver and Gold

Jack H

Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy







Isabella HSilver

KatieGold, Platinum, Bronze Trophy, Silver Trophy and Gold Trophy

JoshPlatinum, Bronze Trophy, Silver Trophy, Gold Trophy and Platinum Trophy

Study Ladder Certificates for Week 6

Congratulations to the following students for achieving the following certificates…..

EloiseAshleeJack HJamieAliciaIsabella BKatieJoshKevinKyle

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