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Nursing home excursion

On the 15th of September 2011 we went to Wentworth residential care. We walked there, because it was close to our campus. Miss Verrusio and her class went with us. When we got there we met Sharon, who lead us to the hall area.

We started singing and all of them started smiling. After we sang we went to have a chat with the residents. I had a quick chat to one of them. They gave us a card, a drink and a biscuit before we left.

By John

My Book Review: WISHBONE



Author: Janeen Brian

Illustrator: Kilmeny Niland

The Main Characters: Henry and Wagger, Mr Perry’s Dog

A description of the story: Harry is a boy who wants to have a dog and one day his nex door friend, Mr Perry’s dog gives him a bone and he burries the bone and a few days later he finds a dog which becomes his own dog.


It has great pictures to look at and the imaginatoin of the writer makes this book a fantastic book for kids aged 5-7

By John

Fun ‘n’ Games Club

In school I created a fun ‘n’ games club for the class. The first event has just begun and it is called the world race. It is a series of games like, the big bridge, monkeys on bars, world fun and many other fun games. On Wednesday it was the first qualifying round (week one term two) and on Thursday it is the final qualifying round. Lots of people are really proud of their scores. In term one I created our first club magazine with all the information of all the clubs in our class. The magazine was a great success and I still have to make at least five more issues for the club. I also have a made books for the club members to order. This is also a cool thing to do, because you can spend time with all your friends!

Please join the club at the middle oval playground! Training is at recess and games are at lunch. 😀

By John


Maths: Angles

In maths we have been working on angles. There are three different types of angles we looked at, right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. The right angle is two lines measured at ninety degrees. An obtuse angle is greater than ninety degrees. An acute angle is measured less than ninety degrees.These angles can help you with shapes. They can be found in many places. Some example are: on a square, a door, a bed and many other things.

Below are some pictures of an activity we did where we had to make these angles with a partner using our bodies.

By John


Week 7 Study Ladder Certificates

Congratulations to the following students for their Study Ladder achievements.

EloiseJack HWilliamIsabella BEliseJohnKevinKyle

Study Ladder Certificates for Week 5

Congratulations to the following students for achieving a Study Ladder certificate.

EloiseJohnJoshuaKevinKatieEliseIsabella H

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