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Cool blog!

My brother Sean made his own blog yesterday it is called seanszoo.blogspot.comI like his blog it is all about animals. He has only just started it, but it looks good already!

By Madison


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Port Pirie

A good must see place is Port Pirie, because you can see a model of a great white shark. You can go to the beach to see the sparkling clear water. Port Pirie is 245km from Aberfoyle Park. It is three hours and 45 min by car. I enjoyed all of the parks and buildings. They were all very interesting.

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By Madison


Popcorn and cupcakes for the Sun Bears.


Today we sold popcorn and cupcakes at lunch time to raise money for the Sun Bears. Our sales were interrupted by the wet and cold weather, so we had to go classroom to classroom to sell our stuff. We are very pleased to announce that we have raised $28.60.

Thank you to everyone who purchased something.

By Madison, Eva, Aden, Tommy and Sam.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following people who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge….











All Premier’s Reading Challenge forms are due Friday 3rd September.

Zoo Snooze Camp: Save the Sun Bears

In term two we went on a Zoo Snooze Camp.  We looked at the different animals at the zoo. We even got the ability to see the animals at night. We even got to go in the Sun Bear’s enclosure. Our focus was on the sun bears. We found out that the sun bears were endangered, because people got bear bile out of the sun bears, which is used for medicine. They are kept as pets and when they get big people give them to the restaurants and they chop off the paws and turn them into bear paw soup. People also keep Sun Bears on Sun Bear farms in small cages.

We are doing a planet keeper challenge to help the sun bears.

We are selling yummy foods to raise money for the sun bears. We are raising awareness by blogging about the Sun Bears, speaking at our school assemblies and talking to other classes.

Below is a slide show of our experiences while on the Zoo Snooze Camp.
Zoo Snooze Camp on PhotoPeach

If you are interested in some further information or ways you can help the Sun Bears follow the links below….


Freethe bears fund

By Madison and Joel


Madison’s trip to Melbourne.

I went to Melbourne for 4 days. We flew over and had to travel around the city by tram. We visited the War Memorial Shrine, the Victoria Markets, Albert Park Lake and the Melbourne Aquarium. We also went to the rugby at Edihad Stadium. We saw the Crows play Richmond at the MCG.  I had an awesome holiday.

By Madison


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