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My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is the Beach House at Glenelg

The beach house is a must see place, because you can see the Ferris wheel and you can get on it and it turns around and around. You can play lots of games with your brother or your sister or by yourself . The Beach House is in Glenelg.I enjoyed going on the Ferris wheel and the water slide.

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By Mari


Tennis Lessons

Yesterday we had tennis lessons with Shane. We had a lot of fun in the tennis lessons. We had two activities one was to bounce the ball on the net that Shane set up, the second activity was to have two people and one had a net and the other had a racquet. When we had four shots we swapped. When we were really good at it we used two racquets.

By Koni and Mari


Sun Bears Fundraising

On Monday we brought in chocolate Sun Bear cookies to sell and raise money for the Sun Bears. We sold all of our cookies and raised a total of $16.

Thank you to all the people who purchased a cookie.

By Codey and Mari


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following people who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge….











All Premier’s Reading Challenge forms are due Friday 3rd September.

Mary MacKillop Performance

On Friday we went to a performance. The performance was about Mary MacKillop. Mary MacKillop [Celia] was funny and also there was a man called Scott who was also funny. I think the performance was wonderful. After the performance there were questions and one of the questions was, ‘ what was your favourite character?’. The person who played Mary said, “young Mary” and Scott said, “I liked Kenny”.

By Mari


Mari’s Spelling Poem

I had the ability

to help the charity

win the lottery

I had to do something

to get them out of their misery

By Mari


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