Project Compassion Carnival

The Primary Years (year 3 -5) hosted our annual Project Compassion Carnival. Each class was responsible for organising activities for the school to take part in. It was a gold coin to enter and participate in as many events as you could.

We had great fun setting up the hop scotch courts and the Project Compassion sign in chalk.

All the money raised went to Project Compassion.

Harmony Day

We joined our Reception Buddies to complete a Harmony Day activity together.

Checking Out The Chickens

We visited our Reception buddies to check out the chicks that had just hatched.

3D Shape Exploration

We have been exploring the nets of 3D shapes.

Desktop Drumming

Year 3 BG 2018 – Desktop Drumming from School of the Nativity on Vimeo.

Flower Investigation

In Science we dissected flowers to see if we could identify all the different parts of a flower.

Buddy Class

Getting to know our Reception Buddies.

Shrove Tuesday

Last Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday. Students brought in a gold coin donation for a pancake with the proceeds going to Project Compassion. A big thank you to our parent volunteers for making it all happen. As you can see we were really happy with the pancakes.

The Year 3s had a great time blowing bubbles as a part of our mindfulness program. It helps us focus on our breathing and calm down from coming in from outside play. It’s lots of fun as well.

A sneak peek at your new classroom for 2018.

We are getting the classroom ready for next week. Here are a few photos of your new classroom.

Star Wars game by Sienna💞🤓

HI my name is Sienna I am going to teach you how to play my game🤓

How to play my game:

First: When you move the up arrow you will go up. When you move the down arrow you will go down. When you move the left arrow you will go left and when you move the right arrow you will go right.



Second: You will get 300 points every character.😘

Finally: You can win by getting all the characters.😜

Click the link to play my game:




Mr I’m Going To Catch You

My game is called Mr I’m Going To Catch You.

You have to catch all the characters but if you touch an obstacle you lose 10 points and add a monster which you don’t want. You win by getting all the characters.

Billy Cart Racing – Year 4/5 Woodhouse Camp

Year 4_5 Woodhouse Camp 2017 – Billy Cart Racing from Mr B on Vimeo.

Challenge Hill – Year 4/5 Woodhouse Camp

Year 4_5 Woodhouse Camp 2017 – Challenge Hill from Mr B on Vimeo.

Colonial Games – Year 4/5 Woodhouse Camp

Year 4_5 Woodhouse Camp 2017 – Colonial Games from Mr B on Vimeo.

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