Library Lover’s Day

On Tuesday it was Library Lover’s Day. Our class made some red love hearts, where we wrote on them things that we love about our library or our favourite book title or author.

Today in our library lesson we were lucky to have Mrs Molloy our Campus Librarian read the story of the paperbag princess, which is one of her favourite stories. Good on you Mrs Molloy for really getting into the spirit of bringing a story to life.



See you all tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Please don’t forget to bring your laptops fully charged tomorrow and for those with new laptops please bring along your chargers. It is going to be warm tomorrow, about 32 degrees. Please bring along your drink bottles and a healthy snack. When you arrive there will be a message for you to read on the big screen. See you tomorrow morning.

Your Classroom for 2017

Here is a sneak peek at your classroom. You may be able to spot where your tray is. As you can see Mrs Ivanov and I have been busy getting things ready for next week. We look forward to seeing you all next week and to learn about what you have been up to over the holidays.

Year 3 ZooSnooze – Adventure Playground

At the zoo there was an adventure playground. It was so fun at the Zoo playground. My dad came to the Zoo Snooze, we had so much fun. There was a very long slide and every one went crazy to go on the slide. Lots of people loved the adventure play ground so much, but the people who loved it more was us kids. The adults did not play on the adventure play ground, because they were a little bit old. There was 3 trampolines there. My friends and I played tag on the play ground. It was so cold there on the adventure play ground. It was dark in the long curly slide.The play ground was so fun.

DSC09647 DSC09649 DSC09662



Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Tigers

On our zoo snooze camp we got to look at the tigers and one of the tigers names was Assiqua. Assiqua is a Sumatran Tiger. She is really good at finding food. She can find a chicken leg and a kangaroo tail with all of those crunchy bones. You could hear a really big crunch so all of the class went wow:)

DSC09683 DSC09684 DSC09687

Year 3 ZooSnooze – Bowling

 Something that I enjoyed at the zoo was bowling. It was very fun. It took a long time to get there. When we got there we got into our teams. In my team was Allegra, Austin, Erin, Harry and Hannah. The person who won was Harry. After we did that we went to the tables to eat at. I ate a hot dog with tomato sauce and chips. I also had a drink.

DSC09856 DSC09860 DSC09871


ZooSnooze Year 3 – White Cheek Gibbons

The year 3s got to see the white cheek gibbons on the first day of camp. The white cheek gibbons kept us entertained why we were watching them. One of the white cheek gibbons was itching the other ones fleas. They also did some flips when they were swinging off trees and they were doing funny things while we were there. We also got to see a monkey fight against each other and then one of the monkeys fell off the tree and then fell down and caught and grabbed the other tree branch. Then we saw another animal. We then saw some other monkeys do some tricks.

Tyler2 Tyler DSC05520

Year 3 ZooSnooze – Watching the Monkeys

On Tuesday we got to the Zoo and got all are stuff ready and then we went for a walk and saw the monkeys. When we got to the monkeys cage we saw them swinging and playing. It looked like they were playing chassey. Then every one started to make monkey sounds and the monkeys started to make sounds and it  sound like a car siren going off. It was really funny and every one was laughing. Then we moved on to a different type of monkey. When we got there the monkeys were making lots of sounds and it was, so funny everyone was laughing.

DSC09780 DSC09783


Year 3 ZooSnooze – Tigers

We went the the Zoo for ZooSnooze.  We saw a tigar calld Assiqua. She was very cute. The colours on her were orange and black.  She kept hiding.  We met a man called Matt.  He was nice as he fed her Kangaroo tail. Assiqua was born on the 18th May 1999. He fed her chicken as well.  She was adorable. There was a yellow line that we couldn’t cross for our own safety.  Assiqua liked us at the Zoo. We also saw more Tigers in their normal enclosures.




2016 ZooSnooze – Night Walk

After sweets we had a night walk. When we left we saw a Binturong. Then we  saw a Tawny Frog Mouth. Then we walked around and we saw a little bird that was calling out to say that humans were around. He followed us around the enclosure. We saw the ring tail lemur, that was fun. We kept walking and we saw some of the wombats sleeping in their enclosure.