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Sushi Night!

On Saturday, amp, my mum and I went out to meet Shan Shan, my mum’s business partner, Queeny’s best friend. We went to the market at Yau Ma Tei to look for live fish for soup.  It is known to be good for patients, especially after operations.  After that we had a walk in the Mall nearby to see the Hello Kitty displays.

We went on the longest escalators indoors and the mall has 6 floors.  Queeny’s mum, Elsa and my cousin’s family joined us in the evening.  We all travelled by bus to Yuen Long to have SUSHI, that’s one of my favourite foods.  At the Sushi shop I ate 2 salmon sushi and 2 fish roes sushi, the salmon was double the length in Adelaide.  I also tried the grilled salmon belly and other Japanese dishes.  IT WAS SO SO YUMMY !  I gained 2 more inches in my waist.  TO BE CONTINUED…………….

By Koni


Nativity Newsletter Week 6 Term 4 2010

Hong Kong Post 3

Today me & my mum went to pick my cousin Kylie up from school.  After we picked her up we went to a noodle shop and had lunch.  Kylie had piano practice & mandarin lessons after we ate.  When kylie went into the practice room, I sat down while my mum talked to the teacher.  Then my uncle came and we went with him to the hospital for his check-up.   I played my DS while my mum acomponied my uncle to see the doctor to discuss his cancer treatment.  After they collected all the info they came back for me and we headed home.  It took us altogether 3 hours to do it.   TO BE CONTINUED………

By Koni


Mong Kok Photos

By Koni


Mong Kok

Today we went to Mong Kok and there were a lot of fish shops.  My Uncle, Tak’s fish died so we bought some to replace them.  We bought small fish. My favourite is the one that’s like a snake it was very long and it was red.  We saw a lot of turtles and they were so cute.  We came across a pet shop so we went in.  We saw little grey hamsters and they were all in their little houses.  We went upstairs and there were rabbits and also a kind of squirrel called the dragon cat.  It wasn’t scary it was just like a squirrel but fatter.  I liked them all but we couldn’t bring live stuff back to Adelaide, so we kept looking for the fish.  After looking we bought a fish with a rainbow tail.  We were tired so we sat down at a restaurant and ate. I ate fish porrage  and shared with my mum.  After eating we saw a black and silverish fish that was our last fish that we bought.  Then we went to look for other things to buy.  We met up with my Auntie , Janis and then my Uncle went home because he has a serious sickness.  We walked for hours I was so exhausted that when we got to the bus I fell asleep next to my mum.  When we got home I put my stuff away and sat on the couch and my mum saw that one of the fishes were all ready dead it was one of the small rainbow fish it was sad.  I sat down and looked at the other fish.  TO BE CONTINUED…………

By Koni


Hong Kong

To the airport :  We went to the airport at around 9:30 am it was sad and exciting at the same time.  We had breakfast at Hungry Jacks in the airport.  After we ate Hungry Jacks, it was time to go so dad said good bye and we went inside to the customs. The people there checked our passport and checked our luggages to check if anyone brought any things illegal.  Then we went to the waiting area and waited, I was a child so we could go through first. Our first stop was to Melbourne and it was cool being over the clouds it was like being in Antartica because the clouds were like the ice. When we arrived at Melbourne we sat down and waited while I played my DS.  Then it was time to go to HK I was excited.  When we arrived on the plane I played my DS while we were waiting for the speaker to say switch off all electronic thing’s.  It finally said it then we started to move they were now showing the safety rule’s then they started to take off.  We arrived in Hong Kong at 9:45 pm and we had to check out at the customs with passport.  After we claimed our luggages it was around 10:30 pm and my uncle was waiting to pick us up.  I was so exhausted after the long flight and I skipped the shower and crashed on to the air bed.   TO BE CONTINUED……..

By Koni


St. Joseph Building Mosaic

A big thank you to my wife Kristy and Mrs Daldry for designing and coordinating the creation of our new mosaic in our brand new St. Joseph’s building. Thank you also to the many parent helpers and all the students who were involved in making the mosaic a reality. We look forward to seeing it up on the wall in our new building soon. Please find below a slide show of our involvement in the creation of the mosaic.

Cool blog!

My brother Sean made his own blog yesterday it is called seanszoo.blogspot.comI like his blog it is all about animals. He has only just started it, but it looks good already!

By Madison


2010 Edublog Awards

The 2010 Edublog Awards are open for nominations. These awards, now in their seventh year celebrate…

the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.

The following are my nominations for the Edublog Awards for 2010.

Best class blog: The Brainy Bunch’s Blog

Best group blog: The Whiteboard Blog

Best librarian / library blog: Aberfoyle Park Campus Resource Centre Blog

Best resource sharing blog: InTec Insights

Best educational tech support blog: The Edublogger

Most influential blog post: The Brainy Bunch’s Blog

Best educational use of video / visual: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

Lifetime achievement: Sue Waters

How to Nominate:

You can nominate your own favorites. Simply follow these directions:

Step 1: Write a post with your award nominates on your blog.

  • Link to The Edublog Awards Homepage
  • Make sure the blogs you are nominating are linked too.
  • You can nominate for as many categories as you like, but only one nomination per category, and not yourself :)
  • You can nominate a blog for more than one category.

Step 2: Email the Edublog Awards the link to your nomination post

Nominations: Close Friday 3rd December
Voting: Ends Tuesday 14th December
Award Ceremony: Wednesday 15th December

Nominate today and have your say!

Premier’s Be Active Challenge Medals

Congratulations to everyone for completing the Premier’s Be Active Challenge and receiving their medals today.


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