Month: February 2014

My Dream Bedroom


My Dream Bedroom

My dream bedroom was done on Build with Chrome with Mia. The double desk was for Mia and I, so that we can do our homework. The inbuilt lights on both sides are for giving more light at the desk. The laptop was for school work and computer games. The beds are the sort of beds Mia and I would want. The bedside table is a design that Mia and I liked. The lamp on top of the bedside table is a crayon design. The drink bottle was for if we got thirsty in the night. The mats were to make the floor more funky. The little boxes were for little items that we would like to keep safe.

By Rosie.

Carnevale Activities

We have been focusing on different celebrations. This week the children participated in Carnevale activities. They played bocce, made Carnevale masks, made pasta and learnt Italian songs. A special thanks to Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Press and Mrs Koukourou for all their help. It was a successful afternoon and the children enjoyed the activities.

Carnevale from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

Australian Play Dough Maps

We have been exploring Australia. The children were given a task of creating Australia using play dough. Many used an atlas and some even created the world.

Super Science

Group 2

Lately in science we have been working on a unit called ‘Melting Moments’. As one of our activities we had to get into groups and experiment on melting things in the heat, such as:

A metal spoon, water, honey, chocolate buds and vegetable oil. We had to leave them in the sun for five minutes without touching them.  The chocolate melted the best out of everything,  but it must be impossible for us to melt the spoon in five minutes with the sun!

SLT Representatives 2014

Last Friday our class held our SLT (Student Representative Team) elections. Students nominated themselves and gave a talk to the class about how they possess the qualities that would address the role of an SLT. Below is a commitment statement that our SLT representatives make when they begin their role.

SLT Commitment Statement

I will listen and share ideas and information with my class.

I will act to help people feel safe and happy.

I will encourage everyone to look after our school environment.

I will help to make Nativity and our Campus a great place to play, grow and learn for everyone.

After our secret ballot it was decided that the following people would be our SLT representatives for this year.

Term 1 and 2

Jazz Jesse


Term 3 and 4

Matthew Pe Rosie

Congratulations to our SLT representatives. We are sure you are going to do an excellent job. We also congratulate Phoebe, Mia, Gabi and Matthew Pi, who were selected as our deputy SLT representatives.

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