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Book Review: Smelly Bill

 Book Review

Title: Smelly Bill

Author: Daniel Postgate

Illustrator: Daniel Postgate

Main characters: Smelly Bill and Great Aunt Bleach.

A brief description of the story:

The story is about a smelly dog that never has a bath and is very smelly and his name is SMELLY BILL. One day the family went to the beach and left poor Bill with. . . . . . GREAT AUNT BLEACH who just loved to clean this means that Bill will not be abll to get away.

What did you like about the story?:

I like that Bill was smelly and never had a bath untill GREAT AUNT BLEACH came and he got a bath and she got all the dirt and smelly stuff on her.

I’d give this book a 10/10, because the pictures have lots of detail in them and they’re really colourful.

By Mikayla

Book Review: Round Fish Square Bowl


Title: Round fish Square bowl

Author: Tom Skinner

Illustrated: Mini Goss

Main characters: The little pig, the tortoise, a stubborn mule, the mad hatter, a bull, the ugly duckling and a rich mouse.

A brief description of the story: It is a story about some people that have a bit of trouble with their things, but in the end they all were happy.

What did you like about the book?: I liked the characters and the stories.

I give it 10\10 because it is funny, it has funny words and it is a good book.

By Joshua

Albert Namatjira Glog

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THE RED EYED DARKNESS DRAGON by william2011mrb on Storybird

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Nativity Joins Twitter

Nativity is now on twitter. I have placed a twitter feed widget on the right hand column of our blog. I encourage all our families to not only follow @nativitytweets, but also @mrbaladock to keep up with what’s happening in our school and on this blog. If you don’t have a twitter account signing up is easy.

Book Review: Who Sank The Boat?

Title: Who sank the boat?

Author: Pamela Allen

Illustrator: Pamela Allen

Brief description of the story:

The Cow, Donkey, Sheep, Pig and Little Mouse all Decided to go to the bay for a row. They all decided

 to get in together and the boat tipped over, because of the Mouse.

What did you think about the book: 

I liked how they all fell out of the boat and got soaking wet and how just the mouse the lightest weight tipped it over.

I thought that the book was a very good book, because it is interesting. I would give it a 9/10 overall. It is a very good book the author has a great imagination. It is very colourful.

By Piper

Book Review: No David

Title: No David

Author: David Shannon

Illustrator: David Shannon

Main characters: David and his Mum

A brief decriptionof the story: The story is about a boy called David and his Mum and David’s mum always said,  ‘no David’, but on the last page David’s mum says, ‘yes David. I love you.’

What did you like about the book: I liked the book, because David was naughty then he was good.

I gave the book 8 out of 10. I thought the book was great, because the illustrations were great.

By Eloise

My Book Review: I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed


Author: Lauren Child

Illusrator: Lauren Child

Main Characters: Charlie and Lola

A brief Desription of the story: The problem in the story is Lola just wouldn’t go to sleep and the solution was Charlie said “Lets go brush your teeth” So Lola says “But I can’t brush my teeth, because there’s someone eating my tooth brush” so Charlie says “but that looks like your tooth brush.”

I like the book, because it has a problem and a solution, and I have read lots of Charlie and Lola books!

I will give this book 10/10, because I think it has a good story line!

By Elise

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