Month: June 2011

Division Games

We are currently working on our division skills in Maths. Here are some fun games below to help you work on your skills.

division derbyDrag Race Division

Demolition DivisionTug Team Pony Pull Division

Swings Procedure

Aim: Swing on a swing.
Things you need: swings AND  people.


step 1: Sit on the swing.

Step 2: Hold the chains and run backwards until the swing gets started.

Step 3: Bend your legs back and straighten your legs forward.

Step 4: Keep doing it until you want to stop.

step 5: To stop you need to stop swinging your legs back and forth and scrape your feet on the ground until you are still.

By Piper and Isabella H.

PiperIsabella H

Monkey Bars Procedure

Aim: To swing on the Monkey Bars

Things you need:

  • Monkey Bars
  • People


1.Go to the Monkey Bars.

2.Go on to the step of the Monkey Bars.

3.Jump on to the first Bar on the Monkey Bars.

4.Swing to get to the next Bar on the Monkey Bars.

By Alicia and Joshua


Nativity Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Nativity Newsletter Term 2 Week 8


Story BirdThank you to 3/4G’s Class Blog for putting us onto Storybird. Storybird is a collaborative writing tool that is free to use online. We love it, because it is a new way to do some creative writing. You have access to lots of artwork from some wonderful illustrators and artists to use as inspiration for your stories. We are currently working on some at the moment and look forward to sharing some with you soon. In the meantime if you want to find out more about Storybird here is a short video below that explains what is possible.

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

Fun ‘n’ games club event 2

During the winter season I have organized a make your own book event for club members. So far three club members have joind in the event. There will be the best readers from the class to give all the books a rating out of twenty. If you would like to join my club, just tell me. To be in the event you have to be in second rank or over. To get to second rank you have to come to all the classes in two weeks.On Fridays at lunch the club will be doing yu-gi-oh activitys, reading and drawing. the winner of all the world race events are………….Bernie and Josh O’. Thank you to all the people who participated. The hosting club is the code club by Patricia with new and old games for all of the people. The term two mission club edition magazine will show all the info of how the club has been going, plus it will show the new logo of our club!

A big thank you to all the people who have

helped with the club activities.

by John


Nativity Newsletter Term 2 Weeks 4 & 6

Nativity Newsletter Term 2 Week 4

Nativity Newsletter Term 2 Week 6

How to use the Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine

Aim: To ride the Elliptical Machine

Things you need: An Elliptical Machine & a person

Step 1:  Put your hands on the bars.

Step 2:  Put your feet on the steps.

Step 3: Run on the eliptical machine

Step 4: Keep running until you are tired

Step 5: Stop running and take off your feet and hands.

Written by Eloise and Jack B

EloiseJack B


I was watching a BBC program called ‘Click’ on the weekend where it featured a great new program called Kodu. Kodu opens up the world of programming to kids. It’s a game creation tool that is very user friendly. The great thing about it, is it’s free to download and use on your PC. I encourage all of you to download it via the link below and have a go.

Kodu: Download

Kodu Blog:

We will be using Kodu as part of a series of Design and Technology lessons in the future. We will keep you posted on how we go.

Here is a link to the Click story:

The Postcard Project

Our class this year is taking part in an international project called ‘The Postcard Project‘. It is organised by the wonderful people from ‘Pirates of Room 4‘. Please go to their blog if you want to be involved. The whole idea of the project is to make connections with people from around the world and learn a little bit about the places you receive postcards from.

We have been lucky enough to receive four postcards already. We would like to thank these classes for their postcards. We really appreciate your efforts. We have even shared your postcards with our whole school at a recent school assembly.

New Zealand

Visit their blog


Visit their blog


Visit their blog


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