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You Can Schools Program

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Below is what appeared in our newsletter.


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The You Can Schools Program
gives schools the opportunity to help
young Australians survive cancer
and contribute to a greener
planet, by donating our old mobiles in
exchange for educational products
such as interactive whiteboards and
Sony laptops. So, what are you waiting
for? Why not ask a friend,
neighbour, or family member?


For SOSE we created our own mini water catchments. First we got a milk carton with no milk and cut the top off. Then we filled it up with sand and then put leaf litter on one and left the other one with just sand. Then we poured water over them. When we poured water over the leaf litter not much came out, but on the sand one lots came out because there was nothing blocking the water.

Below is a step by step slide show of how we went about making our water catchments.

By Piper



weavingDear Parents / Carers,

Next week we are going to create ‘Rainbow Webs’ for our artwork contribution to the Campus Fair. We are asking all students to bring in at least one colourful ball of wool each for Monday (you are more than welcome to bring in more if you like). We would also greatly appreciate any parent helpers during next week. If you are able to come in and help during next week and have gone through the appropriate volunteer induction process, please let your child’s teacher know. We may need to send your child’s artwork home to be worked on, if it proves to be a slow process. If it does come home your assistance with this would be very helpful.

Thank you in anticipation.


Scott, Donna and Tania

Year 2/3 Team.

As you can see I have been busy weaving myself. Don’t forget your wool for MONDAY!


In handwriting we have learnt the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee so far.We learn to write letters every friday and yr3s have to do two lines of cursive and yr 2s need to do two lines with kicks on their letters. I like handwriting, because it teaches me neater writing while learning how to write letters. All of us need to write a sentence that Mr. Baldock writes as well. Handwriting is a very fun subject. 🙂

“Handwriting is one of my favourite subjects”


Below is a video of some handwriting we did for the letter “Cc”.

Handwriting from Scott Baldock on Vimeo.

By Patricia


Nativity Newsletter Week 8

Nativity Newsletter Week 8

What we are doing in PE

Pe Chicken

In P.E. we have been using hula-hoops. We have been doing chicken tag. There are 4 people with rubber chickens. They try to get people with the chickens. We also play rob the nest. Rob the nest is where you get bags out of the bucket. When it is empty you turn the bucket over. Then you steal from the other team’s nests.

By Eloise


Casual Day for the Campus Fair

At our school today we had a casual day. Casual day is when you can wear anything that is appropriate and casual day is mostly on a Friday. You can wear jeans, leggings, cool hats and sunglasses. Our casual day is today. We had to bring in lollies for our Campus Fair. Our class is running the sweets stall for the Campus Fair.

Below is a picture of all the lollies we brought in. Well Done Class 🙂 If you want to see more information about our Campus Fair, click on the Campus Fair logo below.

Lollies for Campus Fair

By Mikayla



snail1I have 2 pet snails their names are Garry and Samantha. Snails like living in wet places. Snails eat leaves and grass. I found the snails in my front yard. Snails can be a girl or a boy.

by Caitlin


Maths: Angles

In maths we have been working on angles. There are three different types of angles we looked at, right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. The right angle is two lines measured at ninety degrees. An obtuse angle is greater than ninety degrees. An acute angle is measured less than ninety degrees.These angles can help you with shapes. They can be found in many places. Some example are: on a square, a door, a bed and many other things.

Below are some pictures of an activity we did where we had to make these angles with a partner using our bodies.

By John


Lollies for Casual Day on Friday March 25th

Our class have been asked to bring in ‘Sherbies’ and ‘Snakes’. More details about the day are in the notice embedded below.

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