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Holiday Photo Competition

Firstly thank you to the students who submitted their photo for the competition. Below are the entries for our Holiday Photo Competition. Please feel free to have a look at them and then vote for your favourite one below. Voting closes Friday 12th August @5pm.







Holiday Photo Competition

It’s time to see who our good photographers are in our second photo competition for our blog. You are invited to submit a photo that you took while on these holidays or a recent holiday. Your photo could be a spectacular view, a famous landmark, native animals or something unusual or strange.

Your photo needs to comply with the following rules.
1. The photo must be taken by you (a student in our class).
2. The photo must preferably not have people in it. If it does you should not be able to see their faces.
3. You must seek permission from your parents first, before emailing a photo or submitting it as a post.
4. Only one photo can be submitted.victor

Photos can be either emailed or submitted in a post.

When emailing please put in the subject line ‘Photo Competition (your name)’

Entries close Friday 29th July @ 5pm

Have a look at our past photo competition and the winning photo.

Where did I go for my holidays?


Matilda was sent to us by Lucy a year 10 student from Geelong, Victoria. She is doing a project on communities. Matilda visited us to find out about our community. Matilda had a few questions for us. Our answers are below along with the photos our students took of the various special places around our Campus.

1. Why is the place you took a photo with matilda special to where you live?

The new playground is special, because it is a fun place to play and to get fit. (Luke)

The classroom, because if we did not have a classroom we would have to do our work outside. If it was raining our work would get soggy. (Alicia)

The gym, because we can do basketball, running, and netball and chasey. (Sean)

We like the PAC (Performing Arts Centre), because we all gather together and show our work that we do during assemblies. (Mikayla, Millie, and Izzy)

The playground , because we have lots of space to play and have fun. (Piper and Elise)

2. If you had one wish to change the world what would it be? Why?

To have more playgrounds around the world so  more kids can play on play grounds and get fit. (Luke)

To give people more money, because people are not getting enough money to feed their children, pets or themselves. (Alicia)

To make everyone trust each other. (Sean)

We wish that everything was made out of sweets, chips and chocolate except for people, because we love sweets. (Mikayla, Millie, and Izzy)

I would make the world made out of chocolate, sweets and last of all gummy bears and that they were all healthy. (Piper and Elise)

3. What do you like about where you live?

I like where I live, because we are close to parks. We are close to the school and  we are close to friends. (Luke)

That it is beautiful and I love listening to nature. (Alicia)

Home, because I have a big play room, big bedroom and a big back yard. (Sean)

We like Australia, because we have lots of animals like Koalas and Kangaroos. (Mikayla, Millie, and Izzy)

We love our homes. (Piper and Elise)

If you want to see more of Matilda’s adventures you can visit Matilda’s blog at

St. Vincent de Paul Society Visit

StVinnies1We met a man called Bob and he came from St. Vincent de Paul Society. Bob was talking to us about the poor people. Bob was here to talk to us about the poor people, because his job is to help the poor people. Bob told us about clothes and toys to donate. Bob kept talking to us about it and he said, “Ask your mum or dad to see if you can donate some clothes or toys.” Bob gave us a bag to put clothes and toys in and he also gave us a bookmark. We were asked to bring clothes or toys or both in to school so we can donate it to people that need it.

All donations can be placed in the St. Vincent de Paul donation boxes located in each of the Nativity buildings.


If you want to have a look at the good work that St. Vincent de Paul Society do click on the link below.


By Alicia and Eloise


Classroom Pigeon Holes

Pigeon Holes 2In our class we have our very own pigeon holes. The pigeon holes are for putting notices in when a student is not here. We also keep our Network Cards in our pig

eon holes. Our Network Cards have our email address and Network username and passwords on them just in case we forget. Our pigeon holes are in fact a shoe storage to put shoes in, but they work well as pigeon holes. What do you think?

Pigeon Holes 1

By Ashlee


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