Month: March 2015

100m sprints for Sports Day


After lunch on sports day it was time for the sprints. First was the 200m then it was the 100m. There was two people from Murray and we came first and second so that gave Murray a bit more points. That does not matter, because it was fun anyway. Some people said it was hard to see the parents on the side they were going so fast, but overall it was fun to run in the 100m.

by Alana

Carnival Day for Project Compassion

We held our Carnival Day for Project Compassion today. All the year 3-7 classes ran today’s event. Our class ran 3 of the activities. They were hopscotch, knock em down, and the Big Rope. We had a great time writing a giant Project Compassion sign on the hard play in chalk. All together $186.45 was raised.

What’s The Buzz!

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