Month: July 2010

Nativity Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 2010


Nativity Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 2010


Changes to the Campus Library

Changes to the Campus Library on PhotoPeach

Today we went to the library.  We took some photos of  the changes that have happened in the library.

Annie: I loved the Wisterias on the bridge . What did you like about the library Keanu?

Keanu: I like the new books , the pictures & the people who changed the library.

By Keanu and AnnieKeanuAnnie



In RBL we looked at the story Fearless. It was a story of a dog that was called ‘Fearless’. His behaviour did not match his name. He was scared of kittens and cars making a loud noise. One day when the owner was asleep a robber came in to the house and took the owner’s hand bag, but Fearless said,  ‘hello’. Then the robber climbed on to the table and Fearless said, ‘do not put your feet on the table’. The owner heard Fearless barking and the robber ran away and Fearless said, ‘that he left without saying goodbye’. The owner bought  Fearless a big bone and Fearless buried the big bone.

Cover Art

Braydon…What I liked about the story was the pictures. The pictures were neat and I liked it when Fearless made the robber not steal the handbag and Fearless was very brave.

Tom…What I liked about the story was when he talked to the robber. The robber thought that he was trying to get the robber out of the house.

By Thomas W and Braydon

Thomas WBraydon

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