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Organs in the body

Max and Jesse

On Wednesday when the year threes were on camp we got to create a human. Max and I  agreed on the name Gregory. Any way max had to trace me on a big piece of paper. After Max had finished tracing me we had to cut it out. Then what we had to do was draw what we already knew about the body.

Once we had finished that we had to get a computer and make some corrections and get some facts . Max and I chose to get some facts about the brain and the heart and I will now tell you fact about the heart and then the brain. First the heart. The human study of the heart and various disorders is know as cardiology. Now the the brain. The weight of the brain is about the same wait of  a rabbit. When you get past  all of  the work it was a really a fun task.

by Jesse


Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Part 3: Tigers

DSC00904 DSC00939 DSC00906

On Tuesday we visited the tigers at the ZooSnooze. The Zoo Keeper gave Tuan a horses leg. When he ate it it made a crunching noise. Then we went back for some morning tea. Angela showed us a talk about tigers. There are 3 tigers in the zoo Tuan  Asiqua and Kemiri. I like Tuan the best, because he is very cool.

By Matthias

ZooSnooze 2014: Behind the scenes with Tuan the Tiger. from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

Organs of the body By Matthew Pe

Matt and Gabi

On Wednesday we had had a health lesson.We had to choose a partner and we had to choose who would be traced. We had two pieces of butchers paper, but it was too short, so we had to add a piece for the head to fit on. Then we had to trace a person and draw and label organs like a heart, bladder, brain and so on.

I was with Gabi and we called our guy Esophagus, because we both liked the name. I drew lots of pictures  and we both coloured the pictures in. I drew a heart, brain lungs and a kidney.Two of the facts were your heart breathes 60 to 100 times per minute and your brain is the centre of your nervous system.

By Matthew Pe

Pet Education


On Monday 23rd June our class went down to the PAC to meet Sam (a dog) and Sarah (not a dog) to teach us about how to care for our pets properly. Our first impression was a big black dog scratching his back on the floor and sticking his tongue out. It may seem weird but it was quite entertaining .

The first thing Sarah taught us was the 4 things you need to have a pet, money, lifestyle, time and enough space. You need money to buy food & water supplies, a bed, toys, microchip, collar and pet bills. You need a healthy lifestyle, for example if you had a dog you would need to walk it most days . If you are always out and about you wouldn’t have enough  time to look after your pet. Finally you  need lots of  space for your pet to run around.

Sarah also taught us what to do when an angry dog approaches you.

#1 stand still

#2 look at the the ground, because dogs hate eye contact

#3 put your hands by your side

#4 slowly walk away.

signed H. E.R(Hannah, Elissa and Rosie)  


Organs of the body. By Cooper

Matthew Pi and Cooper

On Wednesday we had  a health lesson. We had to choose a partner and we had to choose who was going to be traced. We had two pieces of butchers paper.Then had to glue them together. We added a tiny head bit, because it was too short.Then we traced a person and drew the organs on the body.Here are some examples of organs, liver, lungs,heart,brain,kidney and so on.Oh and i was with Matthew.Pi.

After we finished labeling we had to look up facts about the organs in our bodies. We also drew a picture to show the organs. We then had to write facts for each organ. Here are some examples.

Your Heart beats 60 to 100 beats a minute.

Also your brain is the centre of your nervous system.

By Cooper

Organs of the Body


On the 25 June we did an activity with our teacher Mrs Pike. We had to draw one of our team members and my team choose to draw me. They had to trace me from my head to my legs and when we had finished we had to label our organs. We got to use the laptops to sketch the organs, but it was hard to find a good picture to sketch, but eventually we found one for every organ. The organs we drew were the bladder, heart, kidney and lungs. After we had to cut out our body and stick on our organs, we called our body Alex.

My team, Ryder, Matthew and I, showed it to the class. We explained the body parts to the class and gave an interesting fact on them. In conclusion I had a great time and learnt that stomach acid can melt a five cent piece.

By Oliver

Pet Education

DSC00865 DSC00872 DSC00885

On Monday 23rd June the two 3/4 classes went to the PAC (Performing Arts Centre) for Pet Education. When we got there, there was a lady her name was Sarah and she had a dog and his name was Sam. Sarah told us how to treat our dogs or cats or any other pets. Sarah told us that your pets should have a good environment. It should have good shelter where it sleeps and good exercise. Your pet needs desexing when it is young, so it doesn’t have heaps of babies, and if it is a dog or cat it should always have a collar. Sarah told us what you should do if you want to pat a dog or cat. Near the end of Pet Education Sarah asked our teachers to choose four people from each class to pat Sam. Ms Verrusio said if you don’t have a dog stand up then four people from each class got to pat Sam. At the end of Pet Education Sarah gave everyone a booklet to read about how to treat your pets. Then it was time to go back to class. When we left Sam barked at us saying bye. And that’s Pet Education.

By Matthew Pi    

Organs in our bodies: Kevin


On Wednesday 25th of June we had Health. Mrs Pike told us to get into groups of 2 or 3. Hannah and Rosie were my partners. After we got into groups we got told what was happening. We were going to make bodies. We traced Hannah and then named it. We named it Hannah at first, but then we changed it to Kevin.

Then we started. Hannah and Rosie did the Brain and I did the heart. We did the heart and the brain and we moved onto the lungs. I looked up information for the brain. The information we got was, the Brain controls the body. For the heart we got, the heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. The kidneys are bean shaped organs.

By Niamh

Insane Bolt – Organs of the body


On Wednesday 25th June Mrs Pike took us for health, she made us split up into partners and trace one of the partners bodies. My partner was Elissa , we had a long debate, but I ended up tracing Elissa. Although Elissa couldn’t fit on the paper so we had to get a head extension.

After I had traced Elissa we drew on all the body parts we knew. It didn’t look very good though, probably because the ribs looked like bacon. When we had finished this copy Mrs pike made us do all of the organs. At first Elissa did the brain and I did the heart. I finished before her though, because she was putting lots of “detail” into it. As soon as I had finished the heart I did the kidneys, I found out that the kidneys look like a baked bean with an afro.

When Elissa had finally finished the brain she started looking up facts for the brain and heart. We found out that the Kidneys represent 0.5% of the bodies total weight. The heart is the most important organ in the body and that the brain is made out of 90% water. After this we looked up all the other body parts and decided to call him Insane Bolt.

We had a great day.

By Bethany

Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Part 2: Education lessons at the Zoo

DSC00895 DSC00897On Tuesday week 9 All the year 3s went to the Zoo for camp. This was the first school camp that the year 3s had been on. When the year 3s got to the Zoo we put our luggage in a room with all animal skins on the walls, and the saddest part for Emily, there was a real elephants leg as a stool! After we put our bags away we went to a lesson about Tigers. The person telling us about Tigers was a women called Angela.

She talked about why Tigers are endangered. One of the reasons why Tigers are endangered is that people are killing them for their skin. What people are doing to help tigers is donating to a foundation and starting breeding programs at Zoos. I think people should help Tigers instead of being against them.

By Mia 🙂  

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