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Top 5 things I did in the Holidays

1.  I went to Laser Skirmish & bowling at Cross Roads bowls.  I came 1st in 3 of my rounds of Laser skirmish and came 2nd in both my  bowling games.

2. I went to Oakbank on Easter Saturday.  I went on lots of fast rides, kicked the footy, watched the horses race and had an awesome day.

3. I went to the movies to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 3D, it was awesome & funny.

4. I played golf with my Dad and cousin Brett at The Vines and we played 18 holes, it was fun.

5. I went to Clarendon Oval for a picnic with Lachie, Oscar, Emily and lots of year 5’s from last year.  We played footy, soccer, did lots of sliding down the hills & walked to the bakery for lunch.

My top 5 things to do on the holidays !!!

1.  Visit the Marion Swimming Centre and jump of the first diving board without screaming.   Hmmmm I managed to jump off but I screamed all the way down!!!!  I had the best afternoon with Emily – thanks Kate.


2.  Learn to do Rainbow Looms.  From disaster to creation in one day !!!!  I learnt how to do a star burst (which was confusing), Criss Cross chain (which Kristy did for me), Fishtail (which was AWESOME!), and then I did a triple chain (which was amazingly hard).


3.  Go for a walk in Kuitpo Forest with my family and cousins.  What started out to be a short walk ended up being 8kms, with a morning tea stop, and then lunch under a huge tree, followed by the World Tea Bag Throwing Contest, and mine came down like a flying parachute !!!



4.  On Good Friday you can only eat fish so my cousin, Mia, and I did a My Kitchen Rules lunch for 15 people.  We pretended to be Chloe and Kelly.  For entree was a Trio of Nations, main was Fish Bites, Rice, Veggies and Sweet & Sour Sauce, dessert was Cheese Cake Shells and Meringues with fruit, it was yummy, and heaps of fun.



5.  Is spend time doing nothing and chilling with my cat – Crackles 🙂



Thank you for reading my blog post !!!!! Until next time sooooooo looonnnnnnnggggggggggg 🙂   20140427_164402

Top 5 things Matt did in the Holidays!

No.1 Have Easter and eating Easter Eggs


No.2 Go to Port Elliot for a holiday for 6 nights!


No.3 Do a garage sale at my Nanna and Poppy’s place in Ardrossan!


No.4 Bike riding around Port Elliot!


No.5 Watching Port Adelaide Play West Coast Eagles and Geelong





The best 5 things in the holidays

1. Our first thing in the holidays was we went to  Halls Gap for 4 nights and we climbed a mountain called the Pinnacle it was really hard because there were barely any stairs.

2. Also at halls gap we did mini golf. There were 18 holes. 1 to the 9 hole were easy. At the end  we added up all the scores and I won. My Grandpa played a really hard hole in one game that you had to pay for and if you get the ball in you win money

3. After we got back from Halls Gap Aiden and I went training with the Crows. My first 2 players were Taylor Walker and Eddie Betts I did  goal kicking with them and with some other players I did hand passing and marking. Then on the way home we got McDonalds.


4. On the Easter weekend I went to Clayton and went tubing with my cousins and some of my friends. We got out the rooster and the kneeboard and I went on both of them it was a fun day.

5. After we got back from Clayton we stayed home 3  nights then went to Victor Harbor for 2 nights and we went to Boomer beach. It is an awesome beach for big waves.


Top 5 Things to do in the Holidays


Top 5 things to do in the holidays!


No.1: Go to the Marion indoor swimming center and go on all the water slides, using the blow up toys and going on both water fun runs with my cousins.

No.2: See the Lego movie with a friend at the Marion movies and go to subway for lunch before the movie.


No.3: Go to the skate park, learn new tricks on the jumps and go in the bowl and get stuck with your friends or cousins.

No.4: Getting a loom kit and making all different types of bracelets. some of the loom bracelets I made were a fishtail, a triple fishtail and a star bust.  


No 5: Enjoy being with my family, cousins and dog, taking Lenny my dog for  a walk and swim in the creek and spotting lots of Koalas – seeing a mummy one with her joey was cool.

by Rosie.

My Top 5 things to do in the holidays

1. I went to a 4 hour dance work shop with Hannah and Dylan from So you think you can dance & Keiynan Lonsdale who plays “OLLIE”  on the TV show Dance Academy. It was awesome…………………………. but hard work too.

2. I went to Oakbank for the first time. The rides were so much fun!!

3. I went to Port Elliot to visit my cousins at the caravan park

4. Crashed my sisters yr 6 catch up picnic at Old Clarendon Oval with Cooper, Oscar, Lachlan and Mia.

5. Went shopping for clothes and earrings.

emily at Oakbank

Top 5 things to do in the holidays


Well done to Oliver for being the first person to submit a post about his top 5 things to do in the holidays. Looks like you are having a great holiday.

1. Designing my new bedroom and painting it.

2. Seeing the Lego movie at Marion.

3. Going to lunch at the Belair Hotel for Easter with family friends.

4. Go to the golfing range and the baseball cage at the same place.

5. Getting a 3D deco light for my room so I could see in the night.

The Garden of Gethsemane

This week our class had the job of performing the ‘The Garden’ scene as part of our Holy Week performances. Below is a reflection on a our performance by Hannah.

In the Holy Week play I was Jacob.  Jacob was Peter’s nephew.  He is a young boy trying to learn about what happened to Jesus.

In this performance the disciples fall asleep in the garden.  That might not seem too bad, but Jesus had asked them to stay and keep watch.  This especially affected Peter, James and John.  Ruth and Jacob are friends trying to work out what REALLY happened.

We did not have the nicest scene: Jesus got arrested, Peter was found asleep three times by Jesus and more.  At the end of the scene Peter goes to the high priest’s house to see Jesus being arrested by the soldiers.  While there, Peter was asked lots of questions such as: ‘Aren’t you one of his disciples?’, ‘Weren’t you with Jesus of Nazareth?’ and ‘Weren’t you with him in the garden?’.  Every time the answer was no.

The play made me feel both happy and sad.  Happy because I knew it would end well, but sad, because Peter lost a friendship with Jesus.  It was also sad, because Jesus got arrested by the soldiers.

DSC05907 DSC04669 DSC04673 DSC04675

Sports Day: Ball Relay

Mr Baldock sure did give us some crazy things to do in the Ball Relay. Check out all the action below.

Ball Relay – Sports Day 2014 from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

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