RBL Artwork

Below is some wonderful artwork that we did during an RBL lesson with the talented Mrs Daldry. Mrs Daldry read us the story ‘Isabella’s Garden’ by Glenda Millard. We were inspired to paint these pictures in the naïve painting style of Rebecca Cool. We hope you enjoy them. If you want a closer look they will soon be on display in the Campus Resource Centre.

RBL Artwork on PhotoPeach

Arrays: Factor Families

Scootle activity:

Click on this link http://www.scootle.edu.au/ec/pin/ and have a go at solving the factor family problems. I have emailed you all the pin number that you will need to enter to access this activity.

Arrays: Factor Families Description

Make equal rows and columns to explore how numbers can be broken up into factors. For example, the number 24 can be expressed as 12×2 or 2×12, and therefore, it can be divided equally using its factors 12 and 2. Identify a missing factor to complete a factor family. Solve four expressions: two multiplication and two division statements. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.