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In grammar we have been looking at antonyms. Antonyms are adverbs that give you the opposite viewpoint . Here are some examples….

noisily      –         quietly

low            –         high

loudly       –         softly

above        –         below

quickly      –         slowly

By Thomas S

Thomas S

Mary MacKillop Performance

On Friday we went to a performance. The performance was about Mary MacKillop. Mary MacKillop [Celia] was funny and also there was a man called Scott who was also funny. I think the performance was wonderful. After the performance there were questions and one of the questions was, ‘ what was your favourite character?’. The person who played Mary said, “young Mary” and Scott said, “I liked Kenny”.

By Mari


Spelling Term 3 Week 5

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


Look, Cover, Write and Check

The following link makes up one of your online spelling activities this week. Yes, that’s right it’s the old ‘Look, cover, write and check’. A lot more exciting doing it online.


Look, cover, write and check

Nativity Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2010

NNewsNativity Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2010

Mikki’s spelling poem

The giant cupcake

that was all pink

sat on the plank

to have a drink

By Mikki


Joel’s Spelling Poem

Digging in quarries, I wish I would find mysteries

But some of the mysteries would be luxuries

The luxuries might be old melodies

Or lost lotteries

By Joel


Olivia’s spelling poem.

There was a company

in a country

that grew strawberries,

they were plump and delicious

and very nutritious,

grown by a family

for more than a century,

now thay have a really big factory.

By Olivia


Melanie’s Spelling Poem

I came tenth

she came twelfth.

In the running race.

Next I came first.

Therefore mum said

go forth to the disco.

By Melanie


Mari’s Spelling Poem

I had the ability

to help the charity

win the lottery

I had to do something

to get them out of their misery

By Mari


Spelling Term 3 Week 4

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


Lachlan’s Spelling Poem

My eighth tooth lost

wrapped in a cloth

under the depth of

my pillow.

By Lachlan


Notices handed out on Friday 6/8/2010

  • Masked Family Disco Notice

RBL Artwork

Below is some wonderful artwork that we did during an RBL lesson with the talented Mrs Daldry. Mrs Daldry read us the story ‘Isabella’s Garden’ by Glenda Millard. We were inspired to paint these pictures in the naïve painting style of Rebecca Cool. We hope you enjoy them. If you want a closer look they will soon be on display in the Campus Resource Centre.

RBL Artwork on PhotoPeach

Ellie’s Spelling Poem

Running through the country with my family

We ran into a company

Selling green daisies.

The ladies selling daisies came from far away

They travelled by ferry

It took them 20 days.

By Ellie


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