This year our class will be involved in QuadBlogging. What is QuadBlogging? Put simply it is four class blogs getting together to support each other with commenting and making other interactions possible via our classroom blogs. Below is a short YouTube clip explaining the process.

Our Quad involves three schools from the UK.

  1.  Class 3’s Blog: Wawne Primary School
  2.  Year 5’s Blog: St Johns Primary School
  3.  Olney Middle School
Below is the schedule for focusing on a blog each week. Thank you to Angela Thresh from Wawne Primary School for coordinating our Quad and waiting for us to start our school year before commencing our QuadBlogging.

Wk beg 30th January


Wk beg 6th February (Our turn)

Wk beg 13th February

Wk beg 20th February

I am looking forward to learning more about these classes and schools and sharing our learning with each other.