Date: November 9, 2017

Star Wars game by Sienna💞🤓

HI my name is Sienna I am going to teach you how to play my game🤓

How to play my game:

First: When you move the up arrow you will go up. When you move the down arrow you will go down. When you move the left arrow you will go left and when you move the right arrow you will go right.



Second: You will get 300 points every character.😘

Finally: You can win by getting all the characters.😜

Click the link to play my game:




Mr I’m Going To Catch You

My game is called Mr I’m Going To Catch You.

You have to catch all the characters but if you touch an obstacle you lose 10 points and add a monster which you don’t want. You win by getting all the characters.

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