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Latitude excursion

dsc03721 dsc03723

What a great excursion we had at Latitude today. Thank you to Sam Larwood, Sue Leaf-Milham and David Talbot who assisted.

Cricket Clinic


Today all the year three’s participated in a cricket clinic.

Force and Motion

Today we continued to explore the concepts of Force and Motion. We each had different sized balls and discussed the force which was needed to push each ball.

Force and Motion on PhotoPeach


Today we shared the Sacrament of Baptism. We each brought in the key symbols of Baptism and shared our own experiences.

Baptism on PhotoPeach

Smooth Moves

Today we explored the terms force and motion by using marbles.

Forces of Motion on PhotoPeach

Our Creative Art Work

Today the year three’s focusedĀ on using charcoal, paints, glitter and pastels to create our art work. We looked at different techniques and produced some fantastic pieces of art work that we are proud of.

Our Art Work on PhotoPeach

Soil Erosion Experiment

We have been learning about Soil Erosion. We investigated wind erosion, river erosion, sand erosion and water erosion.

Science experiment on Soil Erosion on PhotoPeach

Father’s Day Breakfast

We enjoyed celebrating Father’s Day Breakfast. Here are some photos from this morning:

Father’s Day Breakfast on PhotoPeach

Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals on PhotoPeach

Science: Soil Experiment

We are focusing on the ‘Earth and Space Sciences’ Sciences this term. We discussed what soil is and the importance of soil. We investigated three types of soil and discussed the benefits of each soil. We then looked at the different layers of soil and why soil erosion is occurring. Next week we are looking at rocks so stay tuned….

Soil Experiment on PhotoPeach

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