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Book Review: Wait No Paint!

Title: Wait! No paint!.
Author: Bruce Whatley
Main Characters: The pigs and the wolf.

A brief description of the story: It is about three little pigs. That were going to build a house out of thing like straw, bricks and sticks.
What did you like about the book?:

I like this book, because it has bright colours and good pictures. I like how there is fancy writing. I give it 8/10.

By Ashlee

Classroom Pigeon Holes

Pigeon Holes 2In our class we have our very own pigeon holes. The pigeon holes are for putting notices in when a student is not here. We also keep our Network Cards in our pig

eon holes. Our Network Cards have our email address and Network username and passwords on them just in case we forget. Our pigeon holes are in fact a shoe storage to put shoes in, but they work well as pigeon holes. What do you think?

Pigeon Holes 1

By Ashlee


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