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Insane Bolt – Organs of the body


On Wednesday 25th June Mrs Pike took us for health, she made us split up into partners and trace one of the partners bodies. My partner was Elissa , we had a long debate, but I ended up tracing Elissa. Although Elissa couldn’t fit on the paper so we had to get a head extension.

After I had traced Elissa we drew on all the body parts we knew. It didn’t look very good though, probably because the ribs looked like bacon. When we had finished this copy Mrs pike made us do all of the organs. At first Elissa did the brain and I did the heart. I finished before her though, because she was putting lots of “detail” into it. As soon as I had finished the heart I did the kidneys, I found out that the kidneys look like a baked bean with an afro.

When Elissa had finally finished the brain she started looking up facts for the brain and heart. We found out that the Kidneys represent 0.5% of the bodies total weight. The heart is the most important organ in the body and that the brainĀ is made out of 90% water. After this we looked up all the other body parts and decided to call him Insane Bolt.

We had a great day.

By Bethany

My Brilliant Bedroom

BethanyThis is my bedroom it has lots of different things in it like, a smiley face rug, a sofa bed, two dogs, toothpaste walls and lots of doors and windows.

My favourite part of the room is the toothpaste walls, because you never have to go out and buy toothpaste. I like the sofa bed, because during the day you can use it as a sofa, at night you can use it as a bed. We have also got two pet chiwawas called Chewey and Pom-pom. They are so cute, but they keep weeing and pooing everywhere, but since we have lots of doors and windows the dogs can walk out whenever they need to do their business. The last thing we have got in our room is our smiley face rug, it is really fluffy and it talks to you.

By Bethany`

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