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Star Battle. by Chloe

You need 1000 points and you need to get the puffer pigs to get the 1000 points.

You are not allowed to hit the fence but you only have three chances,  you have  to count  the errors.

Christmas Monsters by Chloe


Dear Mum I love you so much you are the best in the world. You are the best.

love Chloe.



Sports Day High Jump

On sports day our class did high jump. It was very fun. Alana did the highest jump in our class. She got up to 1.05 m. Mr Bennett was very impressed, so impressed he made a funny noise like ‘ararararara’. In second place came Alex. He got up to 1 m. Which was 5 cm below Alana. There was not a person in third place, because there was a long line of people who got eliminated, so that was the results of high jump.

By Lauren and Chloe

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