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Organs of the body. By Cooper

Matthew Pi and Cooper

On Wednesday we had  a health lesson. We had to choose a partner and we had to choose who was going to be traced. We had two pieces of butchers paper.Then had to glue them together. We added a tiny head bit, because it was too short.Then we traced a person and drew the organs on the body.Here are some examples of organs, liver, lungs,heart,brain,kidney and so on.Oh and i was with Matthew.Pi.

After we finished labeling we had to look up facts about the organs in our bodies. We also drew a picture to show the organs. We then had to write facts for each organ. Here are some examples.

Your Heart beats 60 to 100 beats a minute.

Also your brain is the centre of your nervous system.

By Cooper

Top 5 things I did in the Holidays

1.  I went to Laser Skirmish & bowling at Cross Roads bowls.  I came 1st in 3 of my rounds of Laser skirmish and came 2nd in both my  bowling games.

2. I went to Oakbank on Easter Saturday.  I went on lots of fast rides, kicked the footy, watched the horses race and had an awesome day.

3. I went to the movies to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 in 3D, it was awesome & funny.

4. I played golf with my Dad and cousin Brett at The Vines and we played 18 holes, it was fun.

5. I went to Clarendon Oval for a picnic with Lachie, Oscar, Emily and lots of year 5’s from last year.  We played footy, soccer, did lots of sliding down the hills & walked to the bakery for lunch.

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