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It’s Damper Making


At camp AKA Douglas scrub. We did a lot of  things, but one of them was damper making. It was awesome, funny, and  weird. Firstly we got all the ingredients for damper making. Some of the ingredients were  flour,  sugar,salt, milk, chocolate buds and sprinkles. I think we over loaded it with sprinkles. When we finished the dough Stefano cooked the damper while we played on the wooden play ground. Once it was cooked we went over to the table to see our damper (Elissa’s and Niamh’s) Our damper stood out the most. The was blackness was everywhere on ours. Stefano said he needs a chain saw to open ours. He couldn’t do slices, so he gave us half to eat. Niamh wanted her own half, so Niamh walked over to the  table. Niamh accidentally grabbed someone’s damper and the name on it was ma a coos (Matthew and Cooper) at least that is what it said on the wrapper. Well that’s our story.

 by Niamh & Elissa   #we’re AWESOME!!!!!









Pet Education


On Monday 23rd June our class went down to the PAC to meet Sam (a dog) and Sarah (not a dog) to teach us about how to care for our pets properly. Our first impression was a big black dog scratching his back on the floor and sticking his tongue out. It may seem weird but it was quite entertaining .

The first thing Sarah taught us was the 4 things you need to have a pet, money, lifestyle, time and enough space. You need money to buy food & water supplies, a bed, toys, microchip, collar and pet bills. You need a healthy lifestyle, for example if you had a dog you would need to walk it most days . If you are always out and about you wouldn’t have enough  time to look after your pet. Finally you  need lots of  space for your pet to run around.

Sarah also taught us what to do when an angry dog approaches you.

#1 stand still

#2 look at the the ground, because dogs hate eye contact

#3 put your hands by your side

#4 slowly walk away.

signed H. E.R(Hannah, Elissa and Rosie)  


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