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Disney world

Elliott’s photo from Disney World:

At Disney World (Magic Kingdom)


The Castle

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Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy space centre

Elliott reporting from his visit to the Kennedy Space Centre:

At the Kennedy Space Centre we got to go up close to the Space Shuttle “Discovery”.

The space Shuttle is in the VAB, (vehicle assembly building) the VAB is over 500ft tall which is very tall.

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Miami in America

Elliott’s report about his family trip to Miami:

On the way to America from Melborne we went by a A380. It took 13 hours flying from Melbourne. It took for ever and ever to get there. At Maimi there was lots of stuff to do for example mono rails (metro movers) trains (metrorails) South Beach, Everglades, Parades and much more. Threre’s heaps of stuff in Florida like Disney World and NASA. We are having heaps of fun.

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