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On Monday 23rd June the two 3/4 classes went to the PAC (Performing Arts Centre) for Pet Education. When we got there, there was a lady her name was Sarah and she had a dog and his name was Sam. Sarah told us how to treat our dogs or cats or any other pets. Sarah told us that your pets should have a good environment. It should have good shelter where it sleeps and good exercise. Your pet needs desexing when it is young, so it doesn’t have heaps of babies, and if it is a dog or cat it should always have a collar. Sarah told us what you should do if you want to pat a dog or cat. Near the end of Pet Education Sarah asked our teachers to choose four people from each class to pat Sam. Ms Verrusio said if you don’t have a dog stand up then four people from each class got to pat Sam. At the end of Pet Education Sarah gave everyone a booklet to read about how to treat your pets. Then it was time to go back to class. When we left Sam barked at us saying bye. And that’s Pet Education.

By Matthew Pi