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Organs of the Body


On the 25 June we did an activity with our teacher Mrs Pike. We had to draw one of our team members and my team choose to draw me. They had to trace me from my head to my legs and when we had finished we had to label our organs. We got to use the laptops to sketch the organs, but it was hard to find a good picture to sketch, but eventually we found one for every organ. The organs we drew were the bladder, heart, kidney and lungs. After we had to cut out our body and stick on our organs, we called our body Alex.

My team, Ryder, Matthew and I, showed it to the class. We explained the body parts to the class and gave an interesting fact on them. In conclusion I had a great time and learnt that stomach acid can melt a five cent piece.

By Oliver

Top 5 things to do in the holidays


Well done to Oliver for being the first person to submit a post about his top 5 things to do in the holidays. Looks like you are having a great holiday.

1. Designing my new bedroom and painting it.

2. Seeing the Lego movie at Marion.

3. Going to lunch at the Belair Hotel for Easter with family friends.

4. Go to the golfing range and the baseball cage at the same place.

5. Getting a 3D deco light for my room so I could see in the night.

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