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Book Review: Who Sank The Boat?

Title: Who sank the boat?

Author: Pamela Allen

Illustrator: Pamela Allen

Brief description of the story:

The Cow, Donkey, Sheep, Pig and Little Mouse all Decided to go to the bay for a row. They all decided

 to get in together and the boat tipped over, because of the Mouse.

What did you think about the book: 

I liked how they all fell out of the boat and got soaking wet and how just the mouse the lightest weight tipped it over.

I thought that the book was a very good book, because it is interesting. I would give it a 9/10 overall. It is a very good book the author has a great imagination. It is very colourful.

By Piper

Swings Procedure

Aim: Swing on a swing.
Things you need: swings AND  people.


step 1: Sit on the swing.

Step 2: Hold the chains and run backwards until the swing gets started.

Step 3: Bend your legs back and straighten your legs forward.

Step 4: Keep doing it until you want to stop.

step 5: To stop you need to stop swinging your legs back and forth and scrape your feet on the ground until you are still.

By Piper and Isabella H.

PiperIsabella H


For SOSE we created our own mini water catchments. First we got a milk carton with no milk and cut the top off. Then we filled it up with sand and then put leaf litter on one and left the other one with just sand. Then we poured water over them. When we poured water over the leaf litter not much came out, but on the sand one lots came out because there was nothing blocking the water.

Below is a step by step slide show of how we went about making our water catchments.

By Piper


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