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Stars Wars an easy game By Saara

Instructions: Get all the characters and you get 1000 points and it would add 100 points to your score.



How you win game: Get all the character and then you win the game.

Good luck

22 x Tables by Saara

22 x Tables by Saara from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

A Girl, Her Animal and Her Friend

The Gizmo by Paul Jennings: A Review by Saara

The story is about a young boy called Stephen Willkins and his friend called Floggit. Stephen steals a Gizmo at a market.

The part that l like was when Floggit got naked By the Gizmo. It was very funny and wierd.

10/10 because it is very funny.


by Saara

Happy Mother’s Day by Saara

Dear Mum, happy mother’s day 

From Saara


Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Part 6: BBQ Tea

DSC01020 DSC01022 DSC01023

We had a BBQ for tea and we were able to have a meat patty or sausage and salads. We had fun at the zoo. The parent helpers cooked the BBQ tea. It was really yummy. We had fun at camp. The year 3s love camp. We saw lots of animals.

by Saara.

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