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The Mean Dragon that Turned Nice

Written by Bernie

St. Vincent De Paul Certificate

On the 21st of October we received a certificate from St Vincent de Paul Society for raising money for a small number of students from around the world so that they can go to school. As a St. Joseph building unit we have organised unit prayers where we passed around a collection bowl to raise money. We plan on having more St. Joseph unit prayers to raise more money in the future.

By Millie and Bernie

Book Review: Just Another Ordinary Day


Title: Just Another Ordinary Day

Author: Rod Clement

Illustrator: Rod Clement

Main Characters: Amanda

A Brief Desciption Of The Story: Amanda wakes up in the morning. Amanda says it is a ordinary morning, but it’s really not, she does so many weird things.

What Did You Like About The Book: I like it ,because It’s called Just Another Ordinary Day, but it really isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s really a weird day.

I thought the book is very funny, weird and good. I think the colours are great and the writer has a great imagination. I thought it was weird,because her school is a castle. Her science teacher is a bug, but a huge one. Instead of packed lunches they get cakes and hamburgers. Their library studies teacher looks like a boy and it’s a girl and in library studies they made a ship and an ocean out of books. I also think it’s weird, because she says her cat is a cat, but it’s a lion, so I gave it a 10/10 overall.

By Bernie

Science: Animal Classification

In Science we have been busy learning how to classify animals. We started off completing an activity where we had to classify lots of pictures of animals into groups. The first two groups we needed to sort our animals into were vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with backbones and Invertebrates are animals without backbones. We then needed to sort our vertebrates group into a further five groups. A description of these five groups can be found below.






















Birds have a back bone, they have feathers. They lay eggs in a nest. The eggs have a hard shell. They have a steady body temperature. Examples: Eagle, Hawk and Falcon.

Written By Kevin

Illustrated by Alex


Fish have a backbone, fins and scales. They lay eggs in water and use gills to get oxygen from the water. They do not have a steady temperature. Examples of fish: Stingray, Puffer Fish and a Shark.

Written by Joshua

Illustrated by


Amphibians have a backbone. They lay eggs in water. During their life cycle they change from a stage when they live entirely in water to a stage when they can live in water and on the land. They do not have a steady body temperature.

Examples: Frog , Toad, and Salamander.

Written by Luke

Illustrated By Isabella B


Mammals have a back bone. They have hair or fur on their bodies.They have live babies and they feed their babies with milk. They use lungs to breathe. They have warm blood which means they have a steady body temperature.

Examples: Lion, Tiger and Monkey.

Written by Alicia

Illustrated by Mikayla


Reptiles have a backbone. They have scaley skin. They lay eggs on land. They have lungs to breathe, but they dont have a steady body temperature. Examples: Snake, Turtle and Lizard.

Written and Illustrated by Josh

Do you know any interesting facts about Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish or Amphibians? We would love to hear from you via a comment.

Sally Morgan Glog

Australian Classical Youth Ballet

Recently we went to the PAC (Performing Arts Centre) on Campus to see the Australian Classical Youth Ballet. They peformed the Wizard Of Oz. The characters were Dorothy, Toto, Tinman, Scarecrow and the Lion. Emma in Miss Black’s class was in it. We were going to go on a bus to see them perform, but  they came to us.

I liked the part when the wicked witch trapped Dorothy and Toto in the cage with the timer, because the guards did a really cool dance. My favourite part was when the Lion, Dorothy, Toto and all the other people fell asleep. The music was awesome and the Lion was really funny when he fell off the stage to fall asleep.

We liked the Australian Classical Youth Ballet, because they did some really cool dancing.

By Joshua an Bernie


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