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My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Mt. Gambier

Mt. Gambier is a must see place, because you can see the blue lake. Inside the blue lake is a volcano. The blue lake is fully blue in December. In a caravan park in Mt. Gambier you can jump on the jumping pillow, you can swim in the swimming pool, but it isn’t heated. Mt. Gambier is at the bottom of South Austraila near the Victorian border. It is 453km away from our school. It would take 5 hours and 43 minutes to get there by car.

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By Melanie


Sun Bear Fundraising

Today we sold fudge and cookies at lunch time. We raised $44.60. We sold out and still had about 20-30 people wanting some fudge or cookies. It was very busy! We had a lot of fun. We were the first team that sold all their food at Lunch time.

by Aislinn, Melanie, Maddie, Drew and Braydon



Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Maddie, Melanie and Olivia for completing their Premier’s Reading Challenge.


Hurry! You only have 3 days to hand in your forms.


In Japanese we have been learning about Japanese families. We learnt how to say family names in Japanese.


Mother: okasan.

Father: otasan.

little brother:     ototo

Big sister: oneesan


By Olivia and Melanie


Melanie’s Spelling Poem

I came tenth

she came twelfth.

In the running race.

Next I came first.

Therefore mum said

go forth to the disco.

By Melanie


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