Sun Bear Fundraising

Today we sold fudge and cookies at lunch time. We raised $44.60. We sold out and still had about 20-30 people wanting some fudge or cookies. It was very busy! We had a lot of fun. We were the first team that sold all their food at Lunch time.

by Aislinn, Melanie, Maddie, Drew and Braydon




  1. Hi Guys
    I missed out on the fudge and cookies can you make some more please!!

  2. That was awesome to sell all of your chocs and fudge. Thanks Chris for baking all that fudge!
    Well done to all our team for the Sun Bear fundraiser

  3. Glad it went well Mel. Good job to the whole group. I hope those Sun Bears don’t want fudge as well – it was very messy to make and for the bears it would be very messy to eat – CHEWY CHEWY!!

  4. Wow! You raised a lot of money. You all did a good job.
    From Mari

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