Date: October 12, 2010

My must see place in South Australia is Mount Gambier

My must see place is Mount Gambier. What can you see there? You can see the Blue Lake. What can you do there? You can learn about the Blue Lake from a man. Where is it in South Austrailia? Mt Gambier is at the bottom of South Australia near the Victorian border. It is 453 km away from our school. It would take 5 hours 45 minutes to get there by car. What did I enjoy about this place? I enjoyed learning about the Blue Lake.

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By Joel


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Glenelg

At Glenelg you can go fishing. There is a restaurant. When I was there last I saw some big kids jumping off the jetty. It looks scary. At the Glenelg Beach House you can go on the dodgem cars, water slide or play games such as a car race.  You can go on the tram.

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By Mitchell


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Granite Island

My ‘must see’  place would be Granite island. You can buy different necklaces from the shop. You can go at night to see penguins, walk on cliffs and go fishing. It is off the coast of  Victor Harbour.I enjoyed the big rocks and the sight seeing.

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By Aden


My must see place in South Australia is Port Hughes

In Port Hughes you can see the beach. You can also see the 2nd busiest  place in the past in South Australia. You can learn about the mines on a train. You can also go to the lolly shop. Port Hughes is at the top of Yorke Peninsula. It is 3 hours and 18 min drive from our school. I enjoyed the train ride and the caravan park.

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By Olivia


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is the Adelaide Zoo.

A must see place in South Autraila is the Adelaide Zoo, because you can see lots of animals and people. You can eat your lunch and sit down on some grass and see a show about a bird. The Adelaide Zoo is in Adelaide. I enjoyed sleeping there and hiding treats for the sun bears in their enclosure which is what we did for our camp this year.

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By Thomas W

Thomas W

My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Pt. Noarlunga Beach

My favourite place would be Port Noarlunga beach, because there are lots of great activities you can do at the beach. You can fish off the jetty. You can scuba dive at Port Noarlunga reef. You can swim, boogie board or surf as well. My favourite beach is Port Noarlunga, because they have big waves and good fish and chips!

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By Braydon


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