Campus Sports Day: Murray Cheer

Thank you to Mrs Paparella and the year 6/7s for teaching us the team cheers for Sports Day.


C’mon Murray we are the team,

We’ve got talent and we’ve got speed,

We might not always win first place,

But we try our best in every race,

We’ve got spirit, we’ve got game,

To have fun is our aim,

Gooooo…… Murray!

Murray Team Cheer from Scott Baldock on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Mr Baldock, I am always impressed when I visit your blog!

    My grade are also practicing chants for athletics and ball sports days. We have been learning how to use vokis, and are recording our chants this way.

    Good luck for your sports carnival – I will have to barrack for Murray because their house is blue the same as mine. The name of blue house at my school is Gleghorn, named after a local historic family.

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