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My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Mt. Gambier

Mt. Gambier is a must see place, because you can see the blue lake. Inside the blue lake is a volcano. The blue lake is fully blue in December. In a caravan park in Mt. Gambier you can jump on the jumping pillow, you can swim in the swimming pool, but it isn’t heated. Mt. Gambier is at the bottom of South Austraila near the Victorian border. It is 453km away from our school. It would take 5 hours and 43 minutes to get there by car.

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By Melanie


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Kangaroo Island

My must see place is Kangaroo Island, because you can see the seals. You can also visit the lavender farm which has all the things that are made out of lavender even lavender ice-cream!  Kangaroo Island is an Island off the coast of South Australia. It is near Fleurieu Peninsula. Kangaroo Island is 7 times bigger then Singapore. I enjoyed going to the parrot rock it was very fun going in the rocks and the rock slides.

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By Koni


Class Mass

Just a reminder that our Class Mass is next Thursday 28th October at 9:15am.

Notice: Campus Sports Day Sausage Sizzle

Writing Task

We had to use this picture below as inspiration for our writing. We could choose any genre of writing to respond to the photograph below. Below are some examples of our responses.


Sand Storm

When I was walking with my friend in a sandy plain, a huge gush of wind blew the sand around and made a huge sand storm that blew our car and other peoples cars, busses, trees and even their houses! Sand went into our eyes. We felt afraid! It was like a group of giants running crazy!

I couldn’t run because the storm was too fast. My friend and I got sucked into the  storm! It went faster than light and time got slower and slower and slower.

I was spinning around in slow motion, so I had enough time to dodge the houses. Suddenly the sand storm slowed down and time got faster and we ended up in a beautiful town! We decided to live there and we had a great time. The town was called Minties (or Mintys) town. We bought new clothes and a storm never came.

By Joel


The Storm

One day I went to my friend’s house and it was a sunny day.We went on our bikes to the park. We played there for hours,so then we went back to my friend’s house and put our bikes away. After we had had our lunch we went outside and started talking and my friend’s Mum was at work. Then a sand storm came. We started to sprint to the house and we closed all of the windows and doors. When it reached our house it was as big as two T-Rexes. It sounded like a dinosaur in rage.

In secnods we were in the air from the sand storm and then we herd a trex stomping across the ground. I went to the window and fell out of it into the sand storm and something caught me. It was a T- Rex, so I said to my friend,  ‘jump out of the window!’ and he did.

A T-Rex did not catch him a teradactyl caught him flying in the air. It was an amazing  thing to do and when the sand storm had,  the dinosaurs had gone. I woke up in my bed and it was dream.

By Thomas W

Thomas W


Once upon a time I lived in a dry town with my best friend Mari.  We had to go to a far lake to get water.  It was very dry and it barely rained, so normally there would be dust storms .  Normally we hide in our houses and then in our big cupboard and stay until the dust storm would pass.

One day my friend and I were going to get water and ingredients for our fruit breakfast .  Then we saw a dramatic dust storm rushing to us .  We ran as fast as we could .  It sounded like a big bird flapping its wings .  We rushed into our house .  We locked all our doors, but we forgot one window .  When the storm stopped our house was full of the glittery sand .

We smelled a rare smell, it was rain .  We were so happy the mushrooms grew , so quickly we filled all our buckets . We knew this was not the last dust storm that was going to strike our little town .  We told our neighbours and other people from our town to build a wall to protect us all . When a dust storm strikes next time we were going to be SAFE !

By Koni


My must see place in South Australia is Monarto Zoo

A ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Monarto Zoo, because you can touch animal skins. You take the bus to look at animals. You can get off the bus to get a closer look at the animals. You can have a yummy lunch there. You can look in the gift shop.

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By Jordan


BTN Story: Aussie Saint

Mary_MacKillopPlease find below the video of the BTN story and a link to the transcript of the story.

BTN: Aussie Saint transcript

Homework Sheet ~ Week 2 Term 4

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is the Onkaparinga River National Park

The Onkaparinga River National Park is a must see place, because you  can see birds, kangaroos and if you are lucky you can see a blue tongue lizard.  You can go bird watching, see the river and go on a long walk. It is a 2o minute drive from our school. I enjoyed all of the wildlife that is there.

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by Aislinn


My must see place in South Australia is Mount Gambier

My must see place is Mount Gambier. What can you see there? You can see the Blue Lake. What can you do there? You can learn about the Blue Lake from a man. Where is it in South Austrailia? Mt Gambier is at the bottom of South Australia near the Victorian border. It is 453 km away from our school. It would take 5 hours 45 minutes to get there by car. What did I enjoy about this place? I enjoyed learning about the Blue Lake.

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By Joel


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