Hong Kong Post 3

Today me & my mum went to pick my cousin Kylie up from school.  After we picked her up we went to a noodle shop and had lunch.  Kylie had piano practice & mandarin lessons after we ate.  When kylie went into the practice room, I sat down while my mum talked to the teacher.  Then my uncle came and we went with him to the hospital for his check-up.   I played my DS while my mum acomponied my uncle to see the doctor to discuss his cancer treatment.  After they collected all the info they came back for me and we headed home.  It took us altogether 3 hours to do it.   TO BE CONTINUED………

By Koni



  1. To Koni,
    that is a great post!!!!!!

    From Braydon

  2. Im sorry about your uncle, I hope he gets better.

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