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Halloween Party by Luke

Orangutans by Cascia and Tia

8 x Tables by Alyssa

Orangutans Presentation by Lauren

Orangutans_Lauren from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

9 x Tables by Tia

What’s The Buzz?


We have been writing our own instructions and then getting our peers to listen to them.

What’s The Buzz?


We have been focusing on ways to gain attention. We looked at friendly behaviours and demanding behaviours. We role played different attention gaining behaviours.

What’s the Buzz?


 We have been role playing the ways in which we can greet each other.

Fitness with our new pedometers and Active Globe


Last week all the students were given a new pedometer to be used in conjunction with a new website called Active Globe to help us track our steps and achieve our personal goals. Active Globe helps  the students to log their physical activity and achieve a personal goal they have set for themselves. The goal the students needed to decide on is how far on a map do they think their physical activity will take them. We also made a decision on a class goal. Our class goal is to run or walk to Melbourne from our school (as pictured below). We are fast approaching the State border, so we are doing well already as a class.

active globe

It certainly has motivated the students during fitness sessions and in particular our popstick run. 

Our class pet has a name. Meet Jerry.

Our class voted on a name for our class stick insect. Overwhelmingly the class voted for Jerry as pictured below. 

Jerry vote


Jerry is visiting his second home this weekend and went home with Alex on Friday afternoon. Alex took some great video footage of Jerry having his lunch and posted it on Edmodo. Here is the footage below. Great work Alex.

Jerry the Stick Insect eating his lunch from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

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