Hi Mr B and class.

I am in America now. We left on Sunday at 6.30am and arrived at 6.30am on Sunday!

Today it is the 25th October and today we went to Universal Studios. We caught the underground ‘subway’ and it went very fast. First we went on the Studio Tour. On the tour we saw King Kong in 360 3D, which was fantastic. We also saw a studio where movies are made. We also saw Waterworld action. It was a great experience. There was a bad team and a good team who fought over finding dry land. There was fire and rubber guns. We also saw a behind the scences and got to hold the rubber guns.

There has already been too much happening for me to write about, and it is now late at night time in Los Angeles, however I know you have only just left school for the day. So bye for now.

From Eloise.