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Eloise in America

Hi Mr B and class.

I am in America now. We left on Sunday at 6.30am and arrived at 6.30am on Sunday!

Today it is the 25th October and today we went to Universal Studios. We caught the underground ‘subway’ and it went very fast. First we went on the Studio Tour. On the tour we saw King Kong in 360 3D, which was fantastic. We also saw a studio where movies are made. We also saw Waterworld action. It was a great experience. There was a bad team and a good team who fought over finding dry land. There was fire and rubber guns. We also saw a behind the scences and got to hold the rubber guns.

There has already been too much happening for me to write about, and it is now late at night time in Los Angeles, however I know you have only just left school for the day. So bye for now.

From Eloise.

Student Blogging Challenge 2011: Storybird

Storybird is my favourite Web 2.0 tool, because it is easy to use and fun to use and on it you can write your own story. This is something i have produced on storybird.

Waiting until Christmas by eloise2011mrb on Storybird

Student Blogging Challenge 3


By Eloise

Book Review: No David

Title: No David

Author: David Shannon

Illustrator: David Shannon

Main characters: David and his Mum

A brief decriptionof the story: The story is about a boy called David and his Mum and David’s mum always said,  ‘no David’, but on the last page David’s mum says, ‘yes David. I love you.’

What did you like about the book: I liked the book, because David was naughty then he was good.

I gave the book 8 out of 10. I thought the book was great, because the illustrations were great.

By Eloise

St. Vincent de Paul Society Visit

StVinnies1We met a man called Bob and he came from St. Vincent de Paul Society. Bob was talking to us about the poor people. Bob was here to talk to us about the poor people, because his job is to help the poor people. Bob told us about clothes and toys to donate. Bob kept talking to us about it and he said, “Ask your mum or dad to see if you can donate some clothes or toys.” Bob gave us a bag to put clothes and toys in and he also gave us a bookmark. We were asked to bring clothes or toys or both in to school so we can donate it to people that need it.

All donations can be placed in the St. Vincent de Paul donation boxes located in each of the Nativity buildings.


If you want to have a look at the good work that St. Vincent de Paul Society do click on the link below.


By Alicia and Eloise


How to use the Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine

Aim: To ride the Elliptical Machine

Things you need: An Elliptical Machine & a person

Step 1:  Put your hands on the bars.

Step 2:  Put your feet on the steps.

Step 3: Run on the eliptical machine

Step 4: Keep running until you are tired

Step 5: Stop running and take off your feet and hands.

Written by Eloise and Jack B

EloiseJack B

What we are doing in PE

Pe Chicken

In P.E. we have been using hula-hoops. We have been doing chicken tag. There are 4 people with rubber chickens. They try to get people with the chickens. We also play rob the nest. Rob the nest is where you get bags out of the bucket. When it is empty you turn the bucket over. Then you steal from the other team’s nests.

By Eloise


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