SLT Representatives 2014

Last Friday our class held our SLT (Student Representative Team) elections. Students nominated themselves and gave a talk to the class about how they possess the qualities that would address the role of an SLT. Below is a commitment statement that our SLT representatives make when they begin their role.

SLT Commitment Statement

I will listen and share ideas and information with my class.

I will act to help people feel safe and happy.

I will encourage everyone to look after our school environment.

I will help to make Nativity and our Campus a great place to play, grow and learn for everyone.

After our secret ballot it was decided that the following people would be our SLT representatives for this year.

Term 1 and 2

Jazz Jesse


Term 3 and 4

Matthew Pe Rosie

Congratulations to our SLT representatives. We are sure you are going to do an excellent job. We also congratulate Phoebe, Mia, Gabi and Matthew Pi, who were selected as our deputy SLT representatives.


  1. Howdy,well done Jazz and Rosie representing Nativity at the Southern Heights/Southern City Swimming carnival last Friday night ! Girl Power

  2. Well done team.

    (Wel done Jas – Dad)

  3. Congratulations to all the new SLT reps, hope you keep that promise to keep looking after the environment – outside and inside as the pics of your classroom look super clean – must have been those cleaning pixies in the summer holidays!

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