Date: August 11, 2016

Year 3 ZooSnooze – Tigers

We went the the Zoo for ZooSnooze.  We saw a tigar calld Assiqua. She was very cute. The colours on her were orange and black.  She kept hiding.  We met a man called Matt.  He was nice as he fed her Kangaroo tail. Assiqua was born on the 18th May 1999. He fed her chicken as well.  She was adorable. There was a yellow line that we couldn’t cross for our own safety.  Assiqua liked us at the Zoo. We also saw more Tigers in their normal enclosures.




Harry’s Star Wars Game

Harry made a really good Star Wars game using his coding skills. You can play his game by clicking on the link below.


2016 ZooSnooze – Night Walk

After sweets we had a night walk. When we left we saw a Binturong. Then we  saw a Tawny Frog Mouth. Then we walked around and we saw a little bird that was calling out to say that humans were around. He followed us around the enclosure. We saw the ring tail lemur, that was fun. We kept walking and we saw some of the wombats sleeping in their enclosure.


year 3 ZooSnooze – Bowling Time

After the Zoo we went to AMF bowling. We played one game of bowling. After we bowled we had lunch. I had chicken nuggets and chips. Time for the top 3 bowling scores first we had Mr Baldock with a whopping 167 points then we had Isabella with 147 points then we had Wade with 118 points.

DSC09858 DSC09989 DSC09990

Zoo Snooze Camp -Bowling

After our Zoo experience we were able to go bowling. When we arrived we had to work out our shoe size to get our bowling shoes.  My size was size three. Then we saw what our group was. In my group there was Harry, Hannah, Erin, Austin and myself. Then we got to choose our ball. My ball was green. We started to play and I got a strike half way through and Diesel said, ‘Allegra good job’. At the end of bowling we saw who won. The person who won was Harry.

DSC09856 DSC09942 DSC09995

ZooSnooze Camp – BBQ dinner at the Zoo

At the year three ZooSnooze Camp we had a fantastic BBQ dinner cooked by our parent helpers. We got to choose from a verity of foods. The foods were patties, sausages, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beans and carrots. Everyone loved the dinner. It was amazing and so good. Most people got seconds for dinner, because there was heaps left after first serves and because it was really good.

DSC09770 DSC09772 DSC09776

The Zoosnooze Camp – Tigers

When we went to see the tigers there was a guy called Matt the Tiger Keeper that taught us about Assiqua the Tiger. Matt hid pieces of chicken and kangaroo tail all around Assiqua’s cage. When Assiqua came out she saw two umbrellas and thought they were a tranquiliser guns that was going to shoot her so she went away. Matt got Assiqua to come out so we could see her up close.

DSC09682 DSC09685


Year 3 ZooSnooze – Seeing the birds!

During the Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp, the Year 3s got to see the birds. We got to see lots of birds, but sadly we didn’t get to see the flamingos. There were some owls too! Some birds were very fast and some birds were slow. There were big birds and there were small birds. 

 DSC09702 DSC09705



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