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Rope Bridges


We did lot’s of fun things at camp, but one of the best was making rope bridges.  This was a team game where we worked hard to create a bridge entirely out of ropes.  Our bridges had to hold the whole of our group and be strong enough to safely walk across.  I was in a team with Rosie, Aimee and Phoebe and we created an awesome bridge that we had fun making together.

By Hannah




Top 5 Things to do in the Holidays


The Garden of Gethsemane

This week our class had the job of performing the ‘The Garden’ scene as part of our Holy Week performances. Below is a reflection on a our performance by Hannah.

In the Holy Week play I was Jacob.  Jacob was Peter’s nephew.  He is a young boy trying to learn about what happened to Jesus.

In this performance the disciples fall asleep in the garden.  That might not seem too bad, but Jesus had asked them to stay and keep watch.  This especially affected Peter, James and John.  Ruth and Jacob are friends trying to work out what REALLY happened.

We did not have the nicest scene: Jesus got arrested, Peter was found asleep three times by Jesus and more.  At the end of the scene Peter goes to the high priest’s house to see Jesus being arrested by the soldiers.  While there, Peter was asked lots of questions such as: ‘Aren’t you one of his disciples?’, ‘Weren’t you with Jesus of Nazareth?’ and ‘Weren’t you with him in the garden?’.  Every time the answer was no.

The play made me feel both happy and sad.  Happy because I knew it would end well, but sad, because Peter lost a friendship with Jesus.  It was also sad, because Jesus got arrested by the soldiers.

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My Low Gravity Room


My Low Gravity Room

This is my low gravity room.  In this room the gravity is extremely low, so everything is floating.  This is because my bedroom is up in space, so if you go in remember to wear a gas mask.


In this room there is a floating bed, desk, ottoman, and bedside table. As you can see everything is blue, white and green.  You may have seen a floating bed a little bit like it on the block.

So that is my dream bedroom and I wish to have something just like it in the future (If I can’t get the whole room I really want the bed!).



Super Science

Group 2

Lately in science we have been working on a unit called ‘Melting Moments’. As one of our activities we had to get into groups and experiment on melting things in the heat, such as:

A metal spoon, water, honey, chocolate buds and vegetable oil. We had to leave them in the sun for five minutes without touching them.  The chocolate melted the best out of everything,  but it must be impossible for us to melt the spoon in five minutes with the sun!

My Big Fright By Hannah Sm



Once upon a time Amy was home alone.  It was a cold and windy Friday night.  Suddenly there was a knock at the door.  Amy went to answer the door.  She was terrified,  it was......  her pet poodle.  Amy was so delighted that it wasn't what she thought it was.  But then the door was knocked again.  Amy was thinking the person at the door was someone delivering a collar for her gorgeous poodle, but it was actually an eight-eyed monster!
The house was bare, so there was nothing for Amy to hide behind.   Amy was left to deal with the monster herself, and as for her poodle, well it just vanished into thin air.  Amy didn't know what to do, because the monster was getting so close, so close now that Amy could smell the monster's stinky breath.
But then Amy heard a voice she recognised.   It was her older brother Bob's voice saying 'I tricked you, didn't you know that it was April fools day?  Amy's brother took off his monster costume.  Amy was very, very, very mad.  She had, had such a bad day at school, because she accidentally broke the teacher's glasses (and got a big detention for that), she also got blamed for a bad accident and finally, as Amy walked down the school corridor someone turned on the alarm, and you wouldn't want to think about the trouble she was in.   Now Amy's brother Bob was teasing her about the big fright, when suddenly the doorbell rang.
This time everything was serious.  This time it was not Bob.  The door opened and Amy's mum appeared.  Amy woke up.  It was all a nightmare.  Amy had just been part of the scariest nightmare ever!  "You have been asleep for ten years!" Amy's mum told Amy.   Amy was so shocked.  

Woodhouse Camp: Brilliant Birthdays

On Tuesday it wasn’t only camp it was also a very exciting day for Niamh and Charlotte P……..  IT WAS THEIR BIRTHDAYS!!!  Having a birthday at camp was  pretty special, because they not only got attention from family and friends, they also got attention from lots of our camp instructors.  Some of the special things the Birthday girls both got were tasty birthday cakes (there were two cakes, because there were two birthday girls) and yummy ice cream sundaes. There was a big birthday song for the birthday girls.

I had never been to such an exciting birthday ( it was more like a massive party really).  Even though it was not my birthday I still enjoyed all the excitement, but as for Charlotte and Niamh they thought it was the best 9th birthday anyone could ever have.  I also agreed that it was a brilliant birthday.

By Hannah Sm and Niamh




Early Years Book Launch Report

book launch 2013

On Friday night all the Early Years Classes came back to school for the Early Years Book Launch.  While we were there some books got published.  Everyone had been working on their stories for along time, and most people had even added a blurb and a page about the author.They even created an end paper.  I really enjoyed reading the books full of wonderful pictures.  Mrs Daldry had made a special visit to read the books and talk to us about the interesting things people have prepared for the book launch.  After we looked at the books we had a big supper.  It was a very exciting night for a lot of people!  

By Hannah Sm and Brooke

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