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The Kangaroo

A couple of weeks ago there was a kangaroo at Nativity school and it was spotted by two year 4/5’s .

When it was spotted Mr. Baldock our teacher went outside and everyone followed Mr. Baldock outside and we all stood on the bricks to see the kangaroo. When everyone saw it they screamed and said, ‘oh! its a kangaroo.’

When the kangaroo came up past the PAC which is our assembly hall, everyone was running and screaming back to their classrooms including us. When it was up near Thiele school Mr. Haynes our principal and some other parents were trying to find the kangaroo.

We all think it came from the Happy Valley Reservoir.

From Luke and Holly

Monster trucks at Nativity

On Thursday in week 3 a monster truck came to Nativity. The monster truck’s name was Raptor’s Rampage. It cost 350 thousand Australian dollars. Kyle and I (Luke) went to the show. On Saturday the monster trucks came to the showgrounds to do a show. When I got there I went to the pit party. When I went back to our spots we waited for the show to start.


Then the monster trucks came out after the bikes and then the monster trucks came out and the commentator talked to them. Then the monster trucks did a race. Batman won. Then Devil’s Taxi tried to do the world record wheelie and he did it in four shots. He made 91 metres.  Then they did freestyle and Raptor’s Rampage and Taz crashed. Batman won the freestyle. Then they did a train where the monster trucks follow the leader. Then the jet van came out and he used a a smoke machine and smoked up the place. Then when he used the jet engine in the back you could see the fire and the smoke. It ended and we went home.

By Luke and Kyle


Book Review: David goes to school


Title: David goes to school.

Author: David Shannon.

Illustrator: David Shannon.

Main charachters: David.

Breif description of the story:This story is about a little boy called David. He gets into so much trouble. He stays in after school and makes the desks look like sparkle.

What did you like about the story?: I liked the book quite alot. I loved the illustrations and the Author made the book really really funny.

I would give this a 9/10. I liked how he used silly words and did it all by himself. Impressive!!!!!

By Luke

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