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My must see place in South Australia is Port Hughes

In Port Hughes you can see the beach. You can also see the 2nd busiest  place in the past in South Australia. You can learn about the mines on a train. You can also go to the lolly shop. Port Hughes is at the top of Yorke Peninsula. It is 3 hours and 18 min drive from our school. I enjoyed the train ride and the caravan park.

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By Olivia


Lolly bags and cupcakes for the Sun Bears

Our group today raised money for the Sun Bears. We sold lolly bags and cupcakes to Thiele and Pilgrim Primary schools today on Campus. We raised a lot of money, unfortunately we ran out of time to count it all, but we will let you know how much we raised as soon as we do.  We certainly aren’t having much luck with the weather. It was raining today, so we had to go to the classrooms to sell the lolly bags and cupcakes during lunchtime. We got a little wet, but it was worth it.

By Jordan, Olivia, Ellie, Joel and Thomas W

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Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Maddie, Melanie and Olivia for completing their Premier’s Reading Challenge.


Hurry! You only have 3 days to hand in your forms.


In Japanese we have been learning about Japanese families. We learnt how to say family names in Japanese.


Mother: okasan.

Father: otasan.

little brother:     ototo

Big sister: oneesan


By Olivia and Melanie


Olivia’s Spelling Picture

Olivia's Spelling Picture

Olivia's Spelling Picture


Olivia’s spelling poem.

There was a company

in a country

that grew strawberries,

they were plump and delicious

and very nutritious,

grown by a family

for more than a century,

now thay have a really big factory.

By Olivia



This week we have been learning about adverbs.

What is an Adverb?

An adverb  is a word that describes a verb.


Adverbs=blue verbs=green

The plane flew yesterday.

Please wait quiety by the door.

 She spoke softly so no-one heard her. 

Ellie: For example – The class is working very quietly.

Olivia: Lucky for Mr. Baldock!!!!


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