St. Vincent de Paul Society Visit

StVinnies1We met a man called Bob and he came from St. Vincent de Paul Society. Bob was talking to us about the poor people. Bob was here to talk to us about the poor people, because his job is to help the poor people. Bob told us about clothes and toys to donate. Bob kept talking to us about it and he said, “Ask your mum or dad to see if you can donate some clothes or toys.” Bob gave us a bag to put clothes and toys in and he also gave us a bookmark. We were asked to bring clothes or toys or both in to school so we can donate it to people that need it.

All donations can be placed in the St. Vincent de Paul donation boxes located in each of the Nativity buildings.


If you want to have a look at the good work that St. Vincent de Paul Society do click on the link below.


By Alicia and Eloise



  1. Vinnies do a great job helping people less fortunate than us don’t they girls?
    This was a great summary of their visit to your school. I hope you continue to support them.

    From Martin (Dad)

  2. To alicia and eloise,
    I think that it’s great that you know that there are people in the world tha t need our help.I also think that your blog post is very good,keep it up.

    from nicholas

  3. to eloise and alicia

    I like your thing’s that you did

  4. hi Eloise and Alicia

    I really like how you set out the page. If you hade a lot of things I would comment like 10 times.

    from Emma……….

  5. To Alicia and Eloise,

    Well done for creating a blog post. Those poor people need help and St.Vinnies are doing a great work in helping needy people.

    From Donna (John’s Mum)

  6. mikayla2011mrb

    August 3, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    To Alicia and Eloise,
    It is great to see that you are supporting an organisation that assists those of us that need some help. I went there as a very junior police officer and saw some of the great work St Vinnies did.
    From Mikayla’s Dad

  7. wow Alicia and Eloise,

    you have done a great blog post.

    from shenan

  8. to Eloise and Alicia,

    great job on st. vincent de paul society.

    from Luke

  9. Maria Sheppard

    August 1, 2011 at 8:05 PM

    To Alicia and Eloise,
    I think that it’s great that you know that there are people in the world that need our help. It’s great to give to those in need.
    From Alicia’s Mum

  10. to alicia, and eloise

    i realy like your review. it is fantastic.

    from braydon

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