Sean’s Storybird

Little monkeys. by sean2011mrb on Storybird


  1. Great work, Sean! I think tiger is good friend cause it helps his friends. That’s important! You know that, too~

  2. Hi Sean, A very busy Tiger indeed,,, I wouldn,t mind some of the coconut juice myself,, 🙂
    (from Alex’s Dad)

  3. To Sean,

    Great job on your storybird called ”Little monkeys”.I love it.

    From Luke.

  4. To Sean,
    your blog is realy funny, I like how you have lots of animals in your story.
    From Kyle

  5. Well done Sean I like your story bird from josh

  6. Well done, Sean. But I’m not sure the Tiger is good friend or not 🙂

  7. Well done Sean. But I wonder the tiger is good friend or not. 🙂

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