Date: September 16, 2011

Book Review.


Title: David gets in trouble

Author: David Shannon

Illustrator:  David shannon.

Main character: David

A brief description of the story: That David all ways gets in trouble and he does bad things all the time.

What did you like about the book? That it is really good and it’s got funny pictures in it and they look really cool.

I gave the book 10/10, because it’s funny some times and that it’s really really good and the pictures are too.

By Katie




Book Review: Just Another Ordinary Day


Title: Just Another Ordinary Day

Author: Rod Clement

Illustrator: Rod Clement

Main Characters: Amanda

A Brief Desciption Of The Story: Amanda wakes up in the morning. Amanda says it is a ordinary morning, but it’s really not, she does so many weird things.

What Did You Like About The Book: I like it ,because It’s called Just Another Ordinary Day, but it really isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s really a weird day.

I thought the book is very funny, weird and good. I think the colours are great and the writer has a great imagination. I thought it was weird,because her school is a castle. Her science teacher is a bug, but a huge one. Instead of packed lunches they get cakes and hamburgers. Their library studies teacher looks like a boy and it’s a girl and in library studies they made a ship and an ocean out of books. I also think it’s weird, because she says her cat is a cat, but it’s a lion, so I gave it a 10/10 overall.

By Bernie

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