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Book Review.


Title: David gets in trouble

Author: David Shannon

Illustrator:  David shannon.

Main character: David

A brief description of the story: That David all ways gets in trouble and he does bad things all the time.

What did you like about the book? That it is really good and it’s got funny pictures in it and they look really cool.

I gave the book 10/10, because it’s funny some times and that it’s really really good and the pictures are too.

By Katie




Book Review: Just Another Ordinary Day


Title: Just Another Ordinary Day

Author: Rod Clement

Illustrator: Rod Clement

Main Characters: Amanda

A Brief Desciption Of The Story: Amanda wakes up in the morning. Amanda says it is a ordinary morning, but it’s really not, she does so many weird things.

What Did You Like About The Book: I like it ,because It’s called Just Another Ordinary Day, but it really isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s really a weird day.

I thought the book is very funny, weird and good. I think the colours are great and the writer has a great imagination. I thought it was weird,because her school is a castle. Her science teacher is a bug, but a huge one. Instead of packed lunches they get cakes and hamburgers. Their library studies teacher looks like a boy and it’s a girl and in library studies they made a ship and an ocean out of books. I also think it’s weird, because she says her cat is a cat, but it’s a lion, so I gave it a 10/10 overall.

By Bernie

Over 10,000 visitors since 5/3/2011

free glitter text and family website at

Congratulation 2/3s we have had over 10,000 visitors since the beginning of March to our Blog.

Science: Animal Classification

In Science we have been busy learning how to classify animals. We started off completing an activity where we had to classify lots of pictures of animals into groups. The first two groups we needed to sort our animals into were vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrates are animals with backbones and Invertebrates are animals without backbones. We then needed to sort our vertebrates group into a further five groups. A description of these five groups can be found below.






















Birds have a back bone, they have feathers. They lay eggs in a nest. The eggs have a hard shell. They have a steady body temperature. Examples: Eagle, Hawk and Falcon.

Written By Kevin

Illustrated by Alex


Fish have a backbone, fins and scales. They lay eggs in water and use gills to get oxygen from the water. They do not have a steady temperature. Examples of fish: Stingray, Puffer Fish and a Shark.

Written by Joshua

Illustrated by


Amphibians have a backbone. They lay eggs in water. During their life cycle they change from a stage when they live entirely in water to a stage when they can live in water and on the land. They do not have a steady body temperature.

Examples: Frog , Toad, and Salamander.

Written by Luke

Illustrated By Isabella B


Mammals have a back bone. They have hair or fur on their bodies.They have live babies and they feed their babies with milk. They use lungs to breathe. They have warm blood which means they have a steady body temperature.

Examples: Lion, Tiger and Monkey.

Written by Alicia

Illustrated by Mikayla


Reptiles have a backbone. They have scaley skin. They lay eggs on land. They have lungs to breathe, but they dont have a steady body temperature. Examples: Snake, Turtle and Lizard.

Written and Illustrated by Josh

Do you know any interesting facts about Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, Fish or Amphibians? We would love to hear from you via a comment.

Book review: Wibbly Pig’s Silly Big Bear

Tilte: Wibbly Pig’s Big Bear.

Author: Mick Inkpen.

Illustrator: Mick Inkpen

Main characters: Wibbly and the Big Bear

A brief description of the story: The story is all about the big bear and when you blow bubbles he will be amazed.

What did you like about the book?: I like the book, because it has good pictures and colours.

I give it 10/10, because it has good pictures and colours.

By Isabella H

Nativity Newsletter Week 6 Term 3

Nativity Newsletter Week 6 Term 3

RBL ~ Artwork

Click on the following link to have a look at a post displaying our RBL artwork on the Campus Library Blog and leave a comment.

Father’s Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. We presented the following pictures at assembly on Friday and shared a sentence from our Father’s Day reflections. You will have to ask your child what they shared at assembly.

Family Blogging Month

Well August has come to an end and so to has our Family Blogging Month. I would like to say a big thank you to all the students for encouraging their family and friends to comment on our blog. We had 170 comments from family and friends during Family Blogging Month. Thank you also goes to the family and friends of our students that made the effort to comment. The students and I enjoyed reading your comments and loved getting feedback on our work. During August we also broke our one day visitor record. In one day we had 167 visitors.

Congratulations goes to Luke and his family and friends for winning the Family Blogging Month Challenge. Luke has won the opportunity to set up his own blog. We look forward to seeing his blog in the future.

Below is a small sample of the great comments we received.

Vinnies do a great job helping people less fortunate than us don’t they girls?
This was a great summary of their visit to your school. I hope you continue to support them.

From Martin (Dad)


Great to see your story published to the web…I’m very proud of you Em.


Great job Piper & Isabella.

Clear instructions and great pictures.

I can’t wait to get out on the swings now! :)


Hi Ronan. Very well done on creating your own blog. It is very imaginative and has great pictures to go with it. I love the names of your characters especially the name of the Giant. Keep up the good work.


To Elise,

I think your Glog is fantastic. You put a lot of effort into your Glog . From looking at your Glog about Albert Namatjira I now know lots about him. Well done!

From John’s Dad


Hi Luke,
What a great story. You have put in a great deal of effort into this story. I will be very intersetsed to read any future stories.
Keep up the great work. Love Nanna (Luke’ s Grandmother)

We would love to see the involvement from family and friends continue. Happy commenting. 🙂


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