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Star Battle. by Chloe

You need 1000 points and you need to get the puffer pigs to get the 1000 points.

You are not allowed to hit the fence but you only have three chances,  you have  to count  the errors.

Quadblogging: It’s our turn.

This week it is our turn to be the focus of our Quadblogging buddies. We would like to try something new this week and hope that our three Quadblogging classes can get involved. Over on the far right of our blog there is a ‘Send Voicemail’ tab (Pictured below is a photo of our blog and circled in red is the location of the tab). By clicking this tab you can send us a voicemail. We would really love some Voicemail questions from you. You might have a question about Australia, Adelaide, Our Class, subjects we do, facilities at our school or our blog. We would love to hear from you and answer your questions. To help us out with answering your questions could you please let us know who you are (first names only) and what school you are from before asking your question. Our class is waiting to hear from you.

Blogging Avatars for 2012

Avatars are a way to have a graphical presence on the internet without using your photo. We have constructed our avatars that we will be using on our blog for this year. Check out below what we came up with.

Do our Avatars remind you of anyone famous? Leave a comment with your look a like suggestions.

Blog information for Families

Please find below a copy of the notice that was sent home today with regards to our classroom blog.

Cool blog!

My brother Sean made his own blog yesterday it is called seanszoo.blogspot.comI like his blog it is all about animals. He has only just started it, but it looks good already!

By Madison


2010 Edublog Awards

The 2010 Edublog Awards are open for nominations. These awards, now in their seventh year celebrate…

the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.

The following are my nominations for the Edublog Awards for 2010.

Best class blog: The Brainy Bunch’s Blog

Best group blog: The Whiteboard Blog

Best librarian / library blog: Aberfoyle Park Campus Resource Centre Blog

Best resource sharing blog: InTec Insights

Best educational tech support blog: The Edublogger

Most influential blog post: The Brainy Bunch’s Blog

Best educational use of video / visual: Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog

Lifetime achievement: Sue Waters

How to Nominate:

You can nominate your own favorites. Simply follow these directions:

Step 1: Write a post with your award nominates on your blog.

  • Link to The Edublog Awards Homepage
  • Make sure the blogs you are nominating are linked too.
  • You can nominate for as many categories as you like, but only one nomination per category, and not yourself :)
  • You can nominate a blog for more than one category.

Step 2: Email the Edublog Awards the link to your nomination post

Nominations: Close Friday 3rd December
Voting: Ends Tuesday 14th December
Award Ceremony: Wednesday 15th December

Nominate today and have your say!

My must see place in South Australia is Monarto Zoo

A ‘must see’ place in South Australia is Monarto Zoo, because you can touch animal skins. You take the bus to look at animals. You can get off the bus to get a closer look at the animals. You can have a yummy lunch there. You can look in the gift shop.

View Larger Map
By Jordan


Creating a Blockquote

I had a question recently from a teacher on how you go about including a ‘Blockquote’ in your posts. Below are some simple instructions on how to do this within WordPress.


How we created our class avatars

Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

2. As a class, put together a post, movie or slideshow including your avatars.

Miss W Student Blogging Challenge

When setting up our classroom blog, creating our personal avatars was one of the first things we did. We used ‘My Avatar Editor‘, pictured below.


As you can see it creates an avatar very familiar to most students that have used the Wii. All the students in my class were able to create their own avatar, upload and crop it independently. Below is a slide show of what we all created.

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